Issuu Spotlight: Garage Gym Life Media

By July 16, 2019Publisher Spotlight

Issuu Spotlight: Garage Gym Life Media

Today on the Issuu Blog we’re featuring Garage Gym Life Media. As a niche fitness publisher, Garage Gym Life Media turned to Issuu to monetize its content and expand its audience reach.

I was always frustrated by the lack of content specifically aimed at people who exercise at home; there’s almost a condescending attitude towards people who choose to train at home, as if we’re not dedicated enough to join a gym. I also got tired of always having to modify workouts to fit my equipment and space at home. So we decided to create a publication that rebels against that status quo and instead targets EVERYTHING, from the ads to the articles, towards home gym owners.

John GreavesFounder, Garage Gym Life Media

Digital Sales seems to be our biggest monetization tool so far.

John Greaves Garage Gym Life Media Founder

A Niche Fitness Publication Enhanced with The Issuu Story Cloud

With the help of the Issuu Story Cloud, Garage Gym Life Media was able to take its creative niche content to the next level. Through the Digital Sales feature, Garage Gym Life Media is able to gain profit from its publication, in real-time, in a sleek and easy to use fashion.

For instance, in order to best appeal to its niche audience of at-home gym-goers, Issuu Stories and Issuu Video Embeds have enhanced Garage Gym Life Media’s publications. With both, Garage Gym Life Media’s audience is able to view content whenever, and wherever they choose. Thus, driving more reads to their publications and driving the reach of their stories.

Issuu Stories

Stories are now the most impactful way to connect with new audiences on mobile, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. With the Issuu Stories feature, content creators are able to leverage a suite of integrated digital publishing products. Create once and share everywhere with a streamlined approach to reformatting content for all devices and platforms.

Embedded Video

Engage your audience and enhance your content with video. Most importantly, it is proven that video content draws in audiences and lengthens read time. Now with the Embedded Video feature, creators can link to YouTube and Vimeo videos directly within their publication and they with autoplay right on the page. A sleek and cutting edge design integration of media thanks to the Issuu Story Cloud.

Niche Fitness Publication

The Power of Storytelling

Here at Issuu, we believe everyone has a story to tell. Similarly — Here’s how Garage Gym Life Media Founder John Greaves likes to tell stories within a niche fitness publication:

We prefer a combination of video and written word. There are some things that are just better seen than read but at the same time, a well crafted written article, can unpack the why behind the thing you just saw.

Interested in more niche fitness content? Discover their Summer 2019 issue today. 

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