Issuu Spotlight: FLOOD Magazine

By April 26, 2019Publisher Spotlight

Issuu is Spotlighting FLOOD Magazine, an independent arts & entertainment publisher.

This week we’re spotlighting FLOOD, one of our Issuu Publishers. FLOOD Magazine is a publication based out of Los Angeles reporting on music, film, art, travel and more. They pull some of the world’s biggest talent and share their stories in beautiful long-form articles.

FLOOD not only highlights some of the most engaging media influencers like Iggy Pop, Neil Young, and Jack White but additionally throws annual events. FLOODfest is their opportunity to share stunning work with their audiences. In the past, FLOOD has thrown festivals in major cities like Austin and Chicago.

We are featuring FLOOD Magazine because they write about incredible talent in a way that inspires us. The magazine champions “overlooked culture” and excites us to chase art that brings people together.

FLOOD uses Issuu GIFs to share their publication with the world. They also leverage Issuu with website embeds. This allows FLOOD Magazine to share their publication directly with their audience. Plus, they share direct link features to Issuu Stories in newsletters and social media. FLOOD Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nate Rogers vouches “it’s a great new way to share specific articles with our readers.”

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FLOOD uses Issuu Stories to get their readers right to the good stuff. Learn about your favorite artists in a format built for you, their mobile audience, with slick scrolls and easy social media sharing.

In addition to featuring major acts, FLOOD also puts out festival guides. They even put out a cookbook! Flood is a great example of a publisher that is doing more with their content. For example, they also put out “Side A/Side B” issues with different cover features to appeal to different audiences.

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