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By July 13, 2020Editorial

Companies Find Business and Culture Solutions Using Digital Content

The past several months have seen an upheaval of what we used to think of as “normal”. Of course we are all facing incredible challenges across our personal, professional and home lives. We’ve been impressed to see that on the professional side, companies, brands, and organizations have turned to digital content to solve some of the new challenges. Across a variety of industries, new digital content projects help build connections — to customers, patients, and employees — while moving the companies forward in their business goals.

By the Staff, for the Staff

Shortly after the stay-at-home order and work from home directives were put in place, the team at Wolcott Architecture based in Culver City, California knew they needed an initiative to continue building employee connections and culture. In fact, this initiative was seen as an opportunity to do something fun and different. It would be digital in format of course, but with surprises and a hope to delight employees too. The result is the House of Wolcott, the “official newsletter of Wolcott Architecture”, a bi-weekly newsletter and “community created by the staff, for the staff.”

The House of Wolcott newsletter features employee spotlights on current DIY home projects, showcases staff art and poetry along with coordinating zoom happy hours, movie nights, and a Book Club. Recently local restaurant recommendations for take out or alfresco dining have been incorporated to support the re-opening economy. The House of Wolcott is the perfect foundation for the WFH team building and to promote additional channels for the Wolcott employees to connect with each other— including Wolcott Spotlify playlists, Good Reads lists, Netflix watch parties and wellness practices.

Continue First-Rate Quality Care During These Frenzied Times

Barlow Respiratory Hospital is nationally recognized for their excellence in treating complex cases including patients dependent on ventilator support to breathe. Prior to COVID-19, Barlow’s social workers and nursing staff would meet with prospective patients to provide them with high quality printed materials and brochures about Barlow Hospital. These printed materials reflect Barlow Hospitals’ brand traits: proven, experienced, trusted, and are meant to give the patient or family a sense of confidence and peace of mind about their hospital choice. 

Now due to COVID-19 and the social distance requirements, meeting with patients and families is no longer an option, and many patients are coming to the Hospital without much opportunity to research or explore their options. Barlow Hospital looked to the powerful Issuu platform for a solution to provide high quality brochures, welcome packets and hospital information—in a digital format. The digital documents published on Issuu allow for social distance protocols to be adhered to, while the Hospital orientation and admittance procedures keep moving.

Demonstrate Expertise on Managing These Uncertain Times

Padilla Co. specializes in public relations, advertising, digital, social, investor and media relations. Managing corporate crises and uncertain times is one of their strengths, but what about when the world and economy is in crises? Padillo Co. put their expertise to work and have produced the “Coronavirus Bi-Weekly Wrap Up”. Padiila’s Insights + Strategy and Digital/Social teams scanned the news media and social media conversations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic to compile and analyze the week’s noteworthy developments. In May, this expanded to include the Black Lives Matter movement. From search trends, recent study information and social media sentiments, Padilla Co. lends their expertise into how companies can and should respond. Plus, they look at what business opportunities there might be in the current climate.

Each wrap ends with the “How We Can Help” section to offer more in-depth information along with Padilla Co. services on building a re-opening process, tackling business challenges in the times of COVID-19, and more. The wrap is an innovative and low-cost way for Padilla Co. to continue brand building while generating leads to convert new customers.

Publish and Distribute Content For Much Less

Investing in digital content during these challenging times is an easy option for companies of all sizes. Content creation for digital materials will still require drafting, designing and reviews, but  the cost of publishing and distributing printed materials is much higher than with digital content. Plus your digital content is easily updated and refreshed to meet the constantly changing marketplace of today. Check out Issuu.com, the all-in-one content creation and distribution platform, to find the right plan for your business today.


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