New: Introducing Issuu Professional Services

By November 11, 2019Product Updates

New: Introducing Issuu Professional Services

At Issuu, we know your content marketing and “storytelling” need to be just as mighty as the product or service you offer. Whether you’re trying to elevate your brand or scale your marketing presence, your content marketing should encompass all of your brand’s touchpoints. That’s where we come in. Issuu is the platform for storytellers, the most advanced digital publishing platform for your content marketing. The Issuu platform transforms your text, images, videos and PDFs into ready-to-publish content for every digital channel, format and device. Now we are excited to offer Issuu Professional Services to help you rise above the noise and create content that makes a splash, no matter the industry or scale. Issuu Professional Services boost your storytelling efforts with our in-house team of content pros in a cost-effective and efficient way. Build brand awareness, produce even more content in a variety of formats to stay fresh and relevant and maximize your distribution channels.

Issuu Professional Services

Extend your marketing efforts with Issuu Professional Services

Issuu is already your go-to content marketing platform: Issuu Professional Services will be an extension of your own team. Perhaps you don’t have the time or expertise to develop content marketing materials at the scale that your consumers demand in today’s fast-paced digital environment- that’s where we step in. Issuu Professional Services provides a virtual agency to augment your marketing and social media teams.

From awareness to production to promotion, we extend and enhance your content marketing — including Apple News promotion, GIF creation, custom content embeds, link-outs and embedded videos — and boost your storytelling efforts. We’re here to help you to create once, distribute everywhere. Create high-quality content so your marketing articulates your brand value, builds trust with your audience, grows your website traffic, increases conversions and more.

What can Issuu Professional Services do for you?

With our in-house team of content pros, we have the flexibility to help you create high-quality content so your marketing can:

  • Articulate your brand value 
  • Stay fresh and relevant
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Grow your website traffic
  • Maximize all channels 
  • Increase conversions 

Get started with Issuu Professional Services

Contact Customer Success at Issuu to get started with Professional Services. Our Professional Services team can be an extension of your own team, and will tailor a package for your content and business goals.

The Professional Services package may include activities such as:

For production and content enhancement support:

  • Article and Visual Stories created from your uploaded content on Issuu.
  • Add available video content to your publications for a more interactive experience.
  • Add shopping links, links to advertisers and partners or link to additional content to enhance your content. 
  • GIF creation from your content.

For distribution support:

  • Create custom content embeds to link to your content directly on your website or blog. 
  • Share Article Stories, Visual Stories and GIFs from your social accounts to ensure you maximize distribution of your content across your own social channels.
  • Create AMP links for your Visual Stories for Google mobile search optimization.

For promotional support:

  • Your Article Stories featured on the Issuu Apple News Channel.
  • Social sharing of your content and Issuu Stories across Issuu’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts and more.
  • Your Issuu Stories featured on the Issuu app.

For analytics support:

  • Custom report created to demonstrate Issuu Professional Services activities and engagement.

 Issuu Professional Services will help you keep your brand fresh and accessible with Issuu.

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