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By June 24, 2020Editorial

Pride 2020: A Digital Affair

It’s June, which means Pride month, but unfortunately it’s still 2020, so this means we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Along with most of our normal community activities and events, the typical Pride festivals, parades and in-person celebrations have been cancelled until it is safe to gather in large groups again. Of course that won’t keep us from finding new digital ways to celebrate Pride and recognize the history of the LGBTQ+ community.

Across the globe, many cities and LGBTQ+ organizations have announced digital events for this year. In fact, you can check out the GLAAD Pride Guide here for a busy calendar of online Pride events taking place. Make sure you mark your calendars for June 27th, which is Global Pride Day including a 24-hour livestream event on YouTube and the Global Pride website featuring world leaders, international musical acts, human rights activists and more. Just because this year’s Pride will look different, the mission remains the same— support and build community among LGBTQ+ people while promoting equality for all marginalized groups. 

One obvious benefit of a digital event is that anyone can join, and if this is your first time, you won’t need to worry about proximity to a big city with a parade, traveling or spending a lot to participate. Just join from the comfort of your home on your smart TV or mobile device.

The Issuu platform has always been a powerful tool for the LGBTQ+ community to tell their stories and connect to their community. We recently featured 5 Pride Publishers to watch, and so not only during this month, but all year long, we understand our platform can elevate voices from the LGBTQ+ community.Throughout the years, many cities and organizations published a Pride Week Guide. The typical guide was usually a compliment to the community events, but now you can build out a digital guide that is an experience in itself. Create a guide including links to the featured speakers, embed special video messages, plus add interactive links to partners and sponsors. Issuu enables social sharing of the Pride Week guide content by creating Issuu Visual Stories and Article Stories too. By sharing the content on Issuu you will also get a wider distribution to promote this year’s Pride and increase engagement.

Promote new Pride activities that can be enjoyed by individuals or a household. The Pride Ride 2K20 is a self-guided bike tour of LGBTQ+ history in Richmond, Virginia and is the perfect activity right now when more people are outside riding bikes and looking for new areas to explore.

Improving education about the LGBTQ+ community and the challenges the members experience is one way we can help garner more support. Make sure you have a digital version when providing information and data about important facts and research around the LGBTQ+ community. The Florida Institute of Child Welfare put together a Pride infographic to educate others about the LGBTQ+ youth community they serve. Issuu’s easy distribution tools will help generate more awareness and lead to a better understanding of the LGBTQ+ community by educating others. 

Clearly Pride 2020 is one that won’t soon be forgotten, nor should we. Tap the power of Issuu to commemorate this year’s Pride month and online events for years to come. Create and publish post-event content that can include videos from the original events, capture participant’s response, social media reactions, dedications and recaps of this year’s first-ever all digital Pride. We all look forward to the days when we can gather together again in person to celebrate Pride and LGBTQ+ community, but until then, we can still show our support and connection to each other online.

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