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By October 4, 2018Editorial

Issuu is excited to announce a new way for our publishers to share their content with Apple News. With the introduction of Issuu Stories on Apple News, the ability to mobile optimize your publication content is easier than ever. Now, you can take that content and share it with an even wider audience to give them a preview of your full publication. Some publishers are even seeing 4 times more reads with Apple News. Read on to find out more about how you can publish magazine or other editorial content on Apple News with Issuu.

Issuu’s Apple News Channel

Issuu is now featuring Stories from publishers via their Apple News channel. We’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest content to showcase in our Stories feed from Issuu’s wide variety of magazines, zines, catalogs and more. We want our publishers to be in the spotlight in front of our Apple News Audience.

How to Find Issuu on Apple News

Here’s how you can find us on Apple News and follow our channel:

  1. From a mobile device, click here to launch our Apple News channel.
  2. If you are not on a mobile device, the new Mojave iOS now has Apple News available on desktop
  3. You also must be the US, UK or Australia to view Applew News, but here’s a trick if you are outside one of these countries
  4. To follow our channel, tap the HEART icon beside the channel, or if you’re on the channel itself, in the top right corner
  5. You can now see Issuu in your ‘Following’ tab and scroll through Issuu’s Apple News channel!

Now you can find good reads on the go, and discover new content from around the world.

How to Get Your Editorial or Magazine Content on Apple News

Issuu will feature magazine or editorial content on Apple News from publishers who are making Stories. The more Stories you make from your Issuu digital content the more likely it is that your Stories will pop up in our feed.

What are Issuu Stories?

Issuu Stories is a new feature in your publisher workflow that allows you to optimize your publication’s content for mobile devices. By creating these Stories, publishers now have the ability to easily integrate their content on social media. For mobile readers on small screens, your content is presented with a sleek and easy to read scrollable design that allows them to get right to the heart of your publication’s content, while still displaying as beautiful spreads on big screens. Simply select which Stories from inside your publication you want readers to easily find and read.

How to Make Issuu Stories for Apple News

Learn to create Issuu Stories to share your magazine content on Apple News with these simple steps:

  1. Go to your Issuu publisher dashboard.
  2. Click Distribute in the sub-navigation. You’ll be directed straight to SHARE STORIES.
  3. Using the dropdown box, select the content you want to create Stories for.
  4. Select the specific pages you want to share, then add a title, description and category.
  5. Click NEXT to continue to optimize the Story for mobile scrolling and reading.
  6. On the mobile optimization page, the content of the selected pages should automatically populate on the left side. On the right side, you have the option to customize your headlines, bylines, featured image and more. You can add all detected segments as well as delete, split, merge or move paragraphs and images.
  7. When you’re finished customizing your mobile optimization options, you can preview the Story by clicking on the eye icon. If you are happy with the Story click on PUBLISH.
  8. Your Story is now mobile-optimized and ready to share. Click on COPY LINK and share the Story with your readers.
  9. Here are more tips on sharing to social media. Don’t forget to use #IssuuStories when you post so we can discover your content and increase your shot at a feature opportunity on Issuu’s Apple News channel.

Creating Stories can take just a few minutes, and the more you make them the easier it gets. Try making 5-10 Stories from each publication so your readers can jump right into the article you want to highlight.  When people read your story on a mobile device, they will see this enhanced mobile optimized version. If they read the Story on desktop, it will open your Issuu content on the first page of the Story.

Ready, set, publish!

Ready to get your magazine content on Apple News? Get started today with Issuu Stories, and, most importantly, tag us on social with #IssuuLoves + @Issuu to get noticed!


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