Spotlight: Issuu Auto-Detected Links and Embedded Videos

By August 26, 2020Editorial

Issuu Auto-Detected Links and Embedded Videos

Marketing brochures. Educational material for your students. Real estate collateral. Niche magazines. All of these types of content share a similar purpose—to inform, to educate, and often to entertain while being consumed.

Issuu offers a range of features that can help your content connect to the people who matter most to your organization. The Issuu Auto-Detected Links and Issuu Embedded Videos are especially powerful features for marketers, educators, and real estate pros who need their content to really connect with their audience.

Auto-Detected Links: In Focus

Auto-Detected Links transform your content into even more valuable marketing— automatically. How does it work? Upon uploading your PDF, Issuu embeds unmarked links in your content

Patagonia: Driving e-commerce 

Auto-Detected Links are an easy, effective way to turn beautiful catalogs into a direct sales channel with shopping links right on the pages. In this example, Patagonia uses Issuu to connect their seasonal catalogs to their e-commerce experience.


REAL Trends: Driving real estate leads

For an example from the real estate industry, check out how REAL Trends transforms a Real Estate market report with auto-detected links. It instantly improves the experience and the ease of navigation. Best of all, it creates even more engagement opportunities. If you’re a real estate pro, imagine linking to your property listings, market data and your contact information. Suddenly your static real estate asset becomes a lead generator.

Don’t miss another opportunity. Get Auto-Detected Links as a premium benefit on the Issuu Premium and Optimum plans. It’s a great way to drive sales, engagement, and much more.

Embedded Video: In Focus

Issuu makes it easy to seamlessly embed YouTube and Vimeo videos right into your uploaded Issuu content. Watch your video views spike and audience engagement grow. 

How does it work? It’s easy. When embedding video on Issuu, you can create a pop-out video window or embed the autoplay video player directly on the page to enhance your reader’s experience. In this beautiful example from Atlas Magazine, you can see how Issuu embedded videos can easily capture your audience’s attention.

80% say video drives traffic

If you aren’t already including video in your content marketing, you should. 80% of video marketers report that video content drives traffic to your website, plus it increases sales and engagement. 

Engage Business Media: Going visual

You can see how UK-based Engage Business Media embeds a highlight video into their upcoming Virtual VX Marketing Preview Guide. (It’s on page 2.) The goal of the guide is to drive Summit registration, and the video is a perfect opportunity to engage potential attendees beyond just the text in the guide.

Stand out from the crowd with Embedded Video on Issuu. Whether you’re placing a video advertisement directly into your content, creating a video cover experience, or sharing an editorial piece. Issuu Embedded Video is available on the Issuu Premium and Optimum plan.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to use Issuu Auto-Detected Links and Issuu Embedded Video. Don’t have Issuu yet? No problem. See our latest offers!

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