Interactive Content Marketing for Brands in 2020

By August 28, 2019Content Marketing

Many sources will try and tell you that, thanks to the Internet, your attention span is shrinking to that of less than a goldfish. However, a quality google search turns other results. Attention is given relative to the task. So, naturally, browsing your Facebook feed requires less attentiveness than driving your car during rush hour [1]. Therefore, the argument for switching up your content marketing is not that people lack the ability to pay attention. Rather that your content must be captivating enough for warranting extended attention.

What is interactive content marketing

Interactive content, or content that requires an active engagement other than watching or reading, is the way marketers achieve longer engagement. Common forms of interactive content include: assessments, polls and surveys, calculators, contests, galleries, bracket competitions, interactive white papers, 360 video, and infographics. All of these approaches educate the audience. When you educate the audience you will also learn about them. Therefore, the personalized results and information gathered through the content experience are very valuable. Let’s delve into some ways Issuu can help you create interactive content with no additional design or technical resources.


The Issuu Story Cloud has the tools for creating a beautiful and engaging gallery. Visual marketing is powerful. Just look at the popularity of mood boards. For example, our Content Calendar posts get some of the highest engagement on our blog. Issuu’s Visual Story templates allow you to feature audience submissions, contest results, products, or even post-event engagement in a unique mobile-ready way. People want to see themselves, and their work, promoted. Galleries are an excellent way of prolonging the life of your long form static content. And experts claim that from each piece of long form content you can create anywhere from 10 to 20 pieces of interactive content [2].

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Infographics and Surveys

Use Issuu’s linking feature and create an interactive journey through your publication. Ask relevant questions and gather data about where they are in the buying process and who they are. Give people the sense they are learning about themselves. For example, a travel blog could walk the reader through booking their next vacation. Have users land on unique pages of your magazine and encourage them to share their results from the outcome page on social media.

Interactive White Papers

The Issuu Embed works on all screens and social media. This flip-book style reader melds the interactivity of digital publishing and the feeling of flipping through a glossy editorial by hand. You can customize the background of your reader for a branded feel, or even add your logo. Converting your long form work into is simple and effective because it prolongs the life of your evergreen content. Use links and video for increased interactivity. Along with Issuu Analytics you can develop in depth profiles– where are your prospects in their purchasing journey? are they a good fit? Remember, be helpful and guide them to the next content asset in their journey [2].

Also, back to our friend the goldfish. Goldfish actually have excellent memories. Neuroscientists use fish to study memory formation [1]. So it really is up to you how long people are engaging with your content, it’s not a tech-based attention span conspiracy.

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