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By September 1, 2020Social Media

Instagram Marketing for Real Estate

Instagram marketing for real estate is one of the best ways to get your listings and your business on the radar of prospective buyers. Not only is it a free marketing platform, but Instagram allows real estate professionals to find leads outside of traditional sites. As the picture-first social channel, realtors can use Instagram to quickly edit and share their current homes on the market with ease. Keep reading to learn how to leverage Instagram marketing for real estate.

Feature Current Properties

Showcase the homes you have for sale or rent on Instagram. The key to successful real estate Instagram marketing is to focus on the visuals. Be sure to take quality imagery of your homes and don’t be afraid to over-share! Think: Instagram Stories, multiple images with carousels, and even videos showing off your listings.

See someone liking and commenting on several of your posts? Reach out to active followers as an opportunity to say hello! While not every message will lead to success, this will help you form legitimate connections with your social community and perhaps lead to sales down the line.

Marketing Tip: Looking to get more eyes on your posts? Be sure to use the power of hashtags. Not only should you use evergreen real estate tags such as: #openhouse #justlisted #housegoals; also work to target your listing to your region with specific location tags.

Promote Open Houses + Go Virtual

Have an upcoming open house and looking to get more people in the door? Be sure to share your open house details to Instagram. Additionally, you can boost your posts viewership with promoted ads to get more eyes on your home and on your profile.

Marketing Tip: Sometimes getting prospective buyers physically in the door can be tough. Instead, use Instagram Stories and IGTV to host virtual open houses! Virtually walk your followers through the home, just as you would an in-person viewing. Not only will this expand your open house ‘viewership’, but it also creates instant marketing collateral for future distribution and use.

From there, use the list of viewers on your IG Stories and IGTV as a strategic followup. Directly message viewers to inquire if they have any additional questions, or perhaps would like to see the listing in person!

Showcase the Team

Not only is it crucial to highlight your listings and open houses on Instagram, but also be sure to showcase your team! Instagram is a great way to give clients a more personal look into your team’s dynamic and a peak behind the curtains of the real estate world. You’re helping people find their forever homes – of course they’re going to want to learn more about you! Create “Agent Spotlights” or “Agent Instagram Takeovers” as a fun and interactive way for your real estate team to say Hello! on Instagram.

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