Partnership Ideas for Independent Publishers

Brand Partnerships & Magazine Partnerships for Independent Publishers

A major way to introduce your brand to new audiences is through partnerships. When you’re an independent publisher, these kinds of deals can become a large part of your marketing strategy. If you’re interested in magazine partnerships but don’t quite know where to get started, these ideas are perfect points to launch. Partnerships a great to get new eyes on your content. Additionally, they are a measure of trust in the partner’s native audience. If the partner trusts your brand, so should their follower base. Read on for ideas on magazine partnerships.

Magazine partnership ideas

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Events for Brand Partnerships

If you’re looking for ideas for magazine partnerships, events are a great start. There are plenty of types of events to develop brand partnerships through. Some bigger conferences and summits have opportunities for panelists, sponsors, and booths. These options create an opportunity to get your name out there. But for independent publishers, big events might not always be an option. However, smaller events like art shows, happy hours, meetups and more are great ways to partner with brands without breaking the bank. It’s all about your audience and where you think you could mirror and expand it.

Magazine Partnerships to Create Editorial Content

Ideas for magazine partnerships

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Editorial content is a great avenue for magazine partnerships to thrive. Editorial content is one of the more natural types of partnerships for publishers. Collaborate with brands on editorial content featuring their company in an “advertorial” style. Some editorial partnerships go a more collaborative route, while others simply disclose their paid partner at the beginning or end. Whatever type of content suits your magazine best and feels natural. You always want to keep your authentic brand voice in check when working on paid partnerships. Sometimes that means saying ‘no’ to certain partnerships.

Social Takeovers for Mirroring Audiences

Social takeovers are a fun and quick way to introduce yourself to a partner’s audience. This could be an Instagram takeover, an Instagram Story takeover, a guest blog post and more. Reach out to brands with audiences that you think would resonate with your digital presence. Ask for the opportunity to collaborate with a social takeover or guest post!


Merchandise Collaborations for Magazine Partnerships

Merchandise collaborations are a fun and memorable way to handle magazine partnerships. Some fun merch ideas could be tote bags, pins, and t-shirts. Make memorable merchandise together to stay top of mind for both audiences. It also creates a great conversation starter around your brand through the customer’s own network.

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