How to Use Issuu with Squarespace in 2019

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How to Embed Issuu into Squarespace Sites

Embedding your Issuu publications onto your site is a great way to get more reads. Not only are you introducing your content to your existing audience, but you are opening up any new visitors to your brand to your Issuu publications. Perhaps you’re publishing a magazine or a seasonal catalog for your brand. Embedding your Issuu documents onto your website is a great way to convey the information while keeping a branded experience. If your brand is using Squarespace, this is how to embed Issuu into Squarespace sites.

Option 1: Embed Block

One quick option to embed Issuu into Squarespace is to use the embed block. You can find this under your Squarespace blocks when you are customizing your site page. Simply copy the URL of the Issuu publication you want to embed, and paste it into the embed block on Squarespace. It’s that simple! You can then rearrange your blocks as you please.

Embed Issuu into Squarespace

Option 2: Code Block

Another option to embed Issuu publication into Squarespace is using Squarespace’s code block feature when designing your site. This is great for Issuu’s custom embed feature to give your sharing a more branded experience. You can find your Issuu embed customizations depending on your plan in your Publisher Home on Issuu.

Use Issuu with Squarespace
Use Issuu with Squarespace

You can copy and paste this code from your custom embed section into the code block on Squarespace. Then, voila! You have a more seamless, branded experience when it comes to flipping through the Issuu publication on your Squarespace site.

Squarespace Issuu embed

Option 3: Link to Full-Screen Reader

A third option for integrating your Issuu publications into your Squarespace site is to link to a full-screen reader. Issuu allows for the opportunity to have an immersive, full-screen experience to read publications. Simply add a link in your navigation bar to your full-screen Issuu embed to allow your readers to immerse themselves.

Optimize your Issuu sharing strategy

Now that you’ve learned about Issuu embeds and Squarespace, head on over to the Issuu Creator Hub to learn more about optimizing your sharing experience with Issuu.

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