How to Sell Digital Magazines the Easy Way

By August 26, 2019Editorial

You’ve done the hard part. You’ve thought up a unique idea, crafted engaging content, and compiled your work into a sleek and interactive digital publication. Hours upon hours have gone into creating a magazine that you want to share with the world to reach new audiences. Now it’s time to take your magazine to the next level and monetize your creations. With the Issuu Story Cloud, we’ve streamlined the complications of digital sales to ensure it’s not a burden for you. Here’s how to sell digital magazine the easy way with Issuu:

Digital Magazines: The Basics

 How to sell digital magazines:

To start selling digital magazines on Issuu, you need a subscription to a Premium or Optimum publisher plan. From there, you will set up your magazine to be sold via Digital Sales. Through Digital Sales, readers can purchase a single edition of your magazine, or as a subscription basis.

How customers will purchase and read your magazine:

Readers can purchase your magazine from directly within the preview edition or via a direct link. Next, they can then read the full edition on Issuu.com, and in the free Issuu iOS and Android apps. Most importantly, readers can use any device, from anywhere in the world, to purchase and read your magazine.

How to make money with Digital Sales: 

Issuu has partnered with Stripe (the leading online payment platform) so publishers can charge for their publications and collect credit and debit card payments globally from their readers. For each sale, Stripe automatically takes out a transaction fee and Issuu takes out a small commission fee. From there, the rest of your revenue will be automatically posted in your Stripe account. In conclusion, collecting money for your creations has never been easier.

Sell: The Easy Way

Preview Editions:

To entice readers to purchase your magazine, give them a sneak peek of your work! Through Digital Sales, you can select which pages to include in a free preview edition. This edition will appear on Issuu.com and in the Issuu Mobile Apps — making it discoverable by our millions of monthly readers. Most importantly, there will be a prominent BUY button on your publication. Thus, making it easy for future readers to find, preview, and purchase your magazine.

Embed Editions: 

Next, once you’ve selected which pages to include in your free preview edition, embed it for more eyes to see! Luckily, Issuu makes it simple to copy and paste embed codes to your website, blog and social media.

Issuu Stories: 

Increase your digital magazine sales with Issuu Stories. In short, stories are now the most popular and impactful media format. They’re used to connect and captivate new audiences on mobile and social. With the Issuu Story Cloud, reformat your Preview Editions into mobile-friendly, easily digestible formats. Most importantly, Issuu Stories can be viewed on mobile to entice readers to purchase the full edition from anywhere in the world.

Visual Stories: 

Lastly, reformat your Sales Previews to include engaging quotes, vividly imagery and slick graphics with Visual Stories. Visual Stories allows users to share their content to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat and more in an impactful way. Thus, by downloading the Issuu iOS AppAndroid App or the Issuu Adobe InDesign Extension, anyone can now effortlessly turn their existing Sales Previews into mobile and social optimized formats. In conclusion, let impactful quotes and strong imagery grab the attention of viewers with Visual Stories.

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