How to Self Publish a Magazine

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How to Self Publish a Magazine with Issuu

Creating and self publishing a magazine can seem like a huge feat, but with Issuu, the ability to self publish a magazine is made simple. From the very beginning stages of the process, to publishing, to marketing, Issuu is a one-stop platform for self publishing magazines and other content. Let’s start with the basics of how to self publish a magazine with Issuu.

No Designer? Use Issuu’s Magazine Templates

Ready to self publish a magazine, but don’t have a designer? No designer, no problem! Start with Issuu’s magazine templates. These magazine templates for Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign are the perfect jumping off point for designer quality content without the need for a design background. Get started with these free magazine templates now!

Sell Digital Magazines with Issuu

Ready to make your self published magazine into a business? Sell digital magazines with Issuu Digital Sales. Issuu’s Digital Sales feature is the perfect tool for creators who want to self publish a magazine. A secure, beautiful digital sales solution that works beautifully on any device, Digital Sales gives your customers both single issue and subscription options. Plus, get paid quickly and easily with Stripe. Learn more about selling digital magazines with Issuu.

Optimize Your Magazine for All Devices

Ready to reach readers across multiple devices? Issuu Stories is the perfect solution to share your self published content in a more accessible way. Issuu Stories is a way for you to seamlessly share across both desktop and mobile devices, so readers can peruse editorial content from your magazine no matter where they are. Read more about Issuu Stories.

Embed Digital Magazines on Your Website

Seamlessly integrate your self published magazine into your website or blog with Issuu embeds. Create a custom visually branded experience with Issuu’s embed tools and have your content seen where your audience already exists. Learn more about how to embed digital magazines onto your site.

Market Your Digital Magazine Online

Use Issuu’s social marketing tools, embeds, GIFs and mobile-optimized Issuu Story experience to market your digital magazine online. Whether it’s through social media, email marketing or blogging, there’s a social tool for you. Find out how you can market your digital magazine online.

Ready to self publish a magazine?

Get started with Issuu as the platform to self publish, launch and market your digital magazine. Learn more about getting started at the Issuu Creator Hub, or dive right into self publishing with Issuu’s Plans.

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