How to Read Issuu on Your Phone

By August 30, 2019Product Updates

How to Read Issuu on Your Phone

One of the biggest challenges in technology today is designing intuitive, fast, and beautiful mobile reading. Therefore, Issuu develops premier on-the-go reading experiences for readers like you. Let’s do a quick overview of the ways users access our 3.3 million publications on their phones.

Read Issuu on Apple News

Issuu completed the Apple News verification for all of our publishers. This feed is automatically populated by Stories created by our publishers. Unfortunately, Apple News is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. However, if you you are outside of these locations there is a workaround for enjoying Issuu via Apple News. While this is a primarily mobile experience Mojave iOS includes a desktop Apple News app. Don’t forget, click the “heart” icon and follow our feed.

Article and Visual Stories

We have developed two distinct ways of sharing your long form content across the Internet. Stories are stand out articles that publications post on social media and/or are searchable on the Web. Article stories are text-based with slick scrolling and small screen optimization. We then developed Visual Stories that beautifully combine images and text. Clearly, your favorite image-heavy magazines like fashion editorials and travel magazines are using the Visual Story format. Search #IssuuStories on social media and discover more content.

These stories are compatible with all social media. Which means you can read mobile-optimized articles directly from your preferred publishers social or personal website. Very convenient! Also, Story links are all in AMP format. This makes our content not only highly searchable on Google with their Story carousel, but also in the fastest loading format on the mobile web.

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Issuu Application for iOS and Android

Our app is a great way for reading and saving your best-loved content. Once downloaded, login or create an account. If you are a new user select a few interests so we can customize your journey. Next, find content by searching by keyword, title, publisher, or category. Organize the content you enjoy with our Stacking feature. Click the three dots at the bottom of the pdf reader, click save, and lastly either choose an existing Stack or create a new one with the + sign. Or, for offline reading download your publications for later. You can find your downloaded content when you click on your profile photo at the bottom right of the application.

Login and read Issuu content now!

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