How to Promote Your Ebook on Social Media

By October 3, 2019Business, Content Marketing

How to Promote Your Ebook on Social Media

Promoting your ebook is one of the most important parts of selling your content online. Without promotion, you’re not going to get very many sales at all. People have to know what you’re selling and where you’re selling it to make the sales. But how exactly do you promote your ebook when it comes to social media? We all know that email marketing is a fantastic strategy for generating ebook sales, but how can you generate more ebook sales with social media marketing? Let’s look at how to easily promote your ebook on social media.

Ebooks are a big part of the online education sphere in 2020. Whether you’re selling PDFs, digital access to an ebook reader, or through a different medium, ebooks are a staple in digital marketing and education. Selling ebooks online can also come as quite a challenge. Organic marketing is very difficult these days, but it is possible with the help of your social platforms. Use these ebook social media marketing strategies to start generating sales across platforms.

Ebook marketing on Issuu

Ebook Marketing – Convert Ebook into Social Stories

Convert your ebook into social stories with Issuu. On Issuu, you can take the content of your PDF and convert it into both Article and Visual Stories. Visual Stories are a perfect marketing tool to get people enticed and excited about your ebook. Convert images and text into social media assets that are perfect for sharing stories on Instagram, Snap, Facebook and more. You can convert into Stories directly from a publication, or make Article Stories first and share teasers from those using Visual Stories.

You may not want to give away your entire ebook on Issuu, which is why Issuu Sales is a perfect solution for digital book publishers. Share previews of your ebook, but leave the rest of it behind a paywall. Turn those previews into social sharing assets and repurpose your content on multiple platforms using Issuu Visual Stories. Ebook marketing has never been easier with Issuu Sales and Issuu Stories.

Share a GIF with Issuu

Share a GIF of your ebook on Issuu. Use issues custom GIF maker to customize your ebook preview. Give your audience a sense of a flip-through ebook with our custom Issuu GIFs. Sharing gifts is a great way to stop scrollers in their tracks to take a look at your content. Ebook marketing is all about getting people to stop and pay attention to your content. Start off with a GIF that catches their eye.

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Share Ebook Articles or Snippets to Social Media

Use Article Stories on Issuu to promote your ebook content. This is also a great way to get an SEO boost for your content as well. When you upload your content Issuu, you’re able to strip down the text and images and create Article Stories. These are direct links to certain parts of your publication that you may want to share directly with readers. If you’re doing a tweet, an email blast, or another kind of social post, you may want to link directly to a certain part of your ebook. Article Stories is the perfect solution on Issuu for your ebook marketing. Across both mobile and desktop devices, Article Stories on Issuu will format your content for your reader screen. On mobile, they’ll get us likes girly experience with Texas the primary focus. On desktop so go right to the page on your Issuu flipbook PDF publication. Share articles or snippets of your ebook using Article Stories on Issuu.

Promote Your Ebook on Your Blog with Issuu Embeds

If you’re putting out an Ebook, it’s likely that you have a blog or website with a lot of valuable information. A great ebook marketing tip: embed your ebook directly on the site. When you upload to Issuu, there are options available for embeds. Embed your Issuu ebook with custom colors and sizes to make it blend in with your brand.

Get started with Issuu today for your Ebook marketing

Start marketing your Ebook with Issuu today. From social Stories, to embeds, to beautiful GIFs and sharing options, Issuu gives you a breadth of marketing tools. Get started in the online education space today with Issuu.

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