How to Plan an Instagram Story Takeover

How do you plan an Instagram Story takeover?

Instagram Stories are a huge part of today’s social marketing landscape. Using Instagram Stories is becoming an absolute necessity for the majority of brands with a digital presence. But Stories don’t have to be limited to just your brand’s day-to-day content. Instagram Story takeovers are a fun interactive marketing idea that can elevate your brand’s social strategy. Read on to find out about how you can plan and execute an Instagram Story takeover.Planning Instagram Story Takeover

What is an Instagram Story takeover?

An Instagram Story takeover is a cross-promotion between two brands. This could mean a business and an influencer, two businesses – really the sky is the limit. Takeovers typically last for a day or two and are an opportunity for brands to cross-promote their content to new audiences.

Why should you do Story takeovers?

Instagram Story takeovers are a great way for your business to connect to a new audience. Choosing a partner that aligns with your brand strategy will tap into their audience through the use of Instagram Stories. Social crossovers are beneficial to brands for growing their brand awareness and audience. It’s also a great way to show your brand’s personality right off the bat to potential new customers.

Should you do an Instagram Story takeover instead of a feed takeover?

Story takeovers are beneficial because they are less formal than Instagram feed takeovers. Plus, you can guarantee that to anyone watching your Instagram story takeover, your content will be in sequence. You can plan more thoughtfully this way. With speed takeover is, the Instagram feed algorithm will decide on how and when they want an audience to see the content. Instagram Stories can be just as curated and beautiful as a feed takeover but without having to worry about potential issues with algorithms.

Stories are also the hottest format for digital marketing right now. Brands are using Stories more now than ever to communicate messages amongst their audiences, and consumers are rapidly adapting to using Stories as their primary content consumption method.

Choose a partner that aligns with your brand

Choosing a partner that aligns with your brand is the most important part of doing any sort of social takeover. You need to make sure that your audiences are aligned with each other for the best possible results from your takeover. Instagram Story takeovers are a really great way to introduce your brand to a new audience. If that audience aligns with your brand’s trajectory, it’s more likely that you’re going to gain new viewers, new customers, etc.

Set a date and time

Set a date and time for your Instagram Story takeover. Whether you’re the one who’s taking over, or having another brand do the takeover on your platform, make sure that you are aligned on dates and times. Give your audience a heads up that something is exciting is coming on that day. Get them hyped up and aware that they should have their eyes on your Stories that day.

Become clear on any limitations

Become clear on any limitations between you and your partnering brand. Whether that’s how many Stories to post, or specific limitations on messaging, it’s very important to make sure there is alignment there as well. Instagram Story takeovers can lead to even more fleshed out and developed partnerships with other brands. Having alignment on expectations and deliverance can greatly affect how well your takeover goes with both their audience and the brand itself.

Understand what content is going to be

Have an understanding of what content is expected ahead of time. Just as it’s important to understand any limitations, try and give an outline of the content itself and what is expected. Will your Story takeover be a deeper look behind the scenes of your brand? Will it be highly curated visuals? Figure out your ideas and goals for the Instagram Story takeover and plan accordingly.

Pre-plan content if possible

Pre-plan content for your Instagram Story takeover if you can. Sometimes, Story takeovers can be a day in the life or behind the scenes type of Stories, and for these, there’ll be less preparation needed ahead of time. But for other types of Stories that are more curated and visual, being able to plan and review the content of your Instagram Story takeover ahead of time will allow for your Story takeover to run smoothly.

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