How To Make Your Publication Stand Out

By September 3, 2019Editorial

There is a lot of content out there nowadays. There is so much that it can be daunting to approach and even harder to be noticeable. How do you make your publication stand out? While there is no secret ingredient, no hidden technique, and no magic SEO keyphrase that’ll help you stand out, there are incremental things you can do to help push your content into the minds of interested readers.

Because the truth is, getting noticed isn’t that hard anymore. With the right combination of social media marketing, SEO prowess, and consistent content output, you can get on feeds left and right. What’s more important is staying in the minds of those readers. The moment your publication stands out, the moment they think about your content unprompted is the moment you know that you’re both doing something right and doing it well. Here are Issuu’s tips to get your publication to stand out and sink in.

Give It A Voice

It’s really hard to overstate the impact that a unique, recognizable voice can have on the impression you leave. Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to make your publication stand out in a sea of content is to write in your own way. 

While it’s not easy to maintain a single style across various writers and contributors, you can make your life easier in this regard by creating a style guide for your publication. Once you outline exactly what words to use, which syntax to employ and which to avoid, and how to stylize certain elements of your writing, your copy will become much more harmonious.

Give It A Unique Graphic Style

On the design side of this argument lies the importance of having a cohesive design. By having a recognizable style across pages and platforms, you can make your publication and your brand stand out by resembling an organized package more than a loose collection of words and photos. 

The easiest way to get started on this is to create a style guide for your designers if you haven’t already. Laying out exactly what fonts, sizes, colors, and layouts to use will help ensure consistency in the long run. This might seem a bit constrictive in theory, but good designers will find ways to be creative within the parameters of your style guide, giving good layout the benefit of looking on brand.

Give It Something To Say

Of course, good style and design are ultimately ancillary to substance. Writing, unlike burgers, can’t be meatless. Without any substance to guide the copy and layout, your publication will stand out no more than overpriced coffee in New York City. 

You might be wondering how to find something of substance to say. But the odds are that if you’re thinking too hard, it’s probably a dead-end. You can’t force yourself to care about something, and content reflects that on a deeply human level. What you can do, however, is to write about what you care about. Or, if you can’t do that, write something adjacent. Get as close as you can to whatever it is you care about until you’re right next to it. 

You have a platform. You have a keyboard and thoughts. Make people care about what you have to say. If you write unequivocally captivating copy, it will market itself (and if it doesn’t, we have some advice on that)

Give It Exposure

Finally, now that you have your style and substance, you have to get it to peoples’ eyes. If you want to stand out in a crowded room, it goes without saying that have to first get yourself to the room. The Issuu Story Cloud can help you get your publication to stand out in a seamless manner. 

First, create Stories to easily share your publication where it matters. Once you’ve created Article Stories, you can use the Issuu app to create and share Visual Stories. With Visual Stories, your social media sharing will be easier and more streamlined than ever. You can also use Issuu’s embedding tool to market and make readable your publication online. Issuu’s powerful analytics are here to help boost your marketing where it matters. 

The Issuu Story Cloud is your definitive one-stop shop for all your online marketing needs. It’s never been easier to make your publication stand out, so why wait?

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