How to Keep Paid Partnerships Authentic

By March 5, 2019Business, Content Marketing

In today’s marketing world of social influencers, sponsored ads and branded content, it is crucial to keep paid partnerships authentic. You’ve created a trusted brand and a highly engaged audience… the last thing you want to do is steer away your viewership with inauthenticity. The power of paid partnerships is great, in which they provide your brand more audience reach and recognition. But paid partnerships may also lead to content that is not true to your brand. Keep reading for 4 quick tips on how to keep paid partnerships authentic.

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Only Promote Brands You Believe In

The first step in keeping your paid partnerships authentic is ensuring that your voice and brand image is still genuine and prevalent within the partnership. In order to achieve successful authentic paid partnerships, it is crucial to only leverage the brands that you truly believe in. As you are the expert on your audience, you understand best the type of content, products and partners that will keep your viewers engaged. If you believe in the brands that you are promoting through your content, then most likely, so will your loyal follower base.

Keep Your Content Consistent

A common mistake made in regards to paid partnerships is paid partnership content that does not align fluidly with one’s other content. To create the most effective and genuine paid partnership content, be sure to use consistent copy, color schemes and content scheduling times that your other non-paid partnership content has. By doing so, you can effortlessly weave paid partnerships into your publications and social feeds that will be most believable to your followers.

Be Transparent

The third step in keeping your paid partnerships authentic is being transparent with your audience. This is in regards to which content is paid and which is not. A simple disclosure within your content using #ad, #sponsored or #paidpartnership is the most effective way of doing this. Your audience will be much more responsive and accepting of paid partnerships when your goals are clear within your content. (Plus, it’s best to disclose for legality’s sake!)

Focus on Quality over Quantity

The last thing to consider in order to keep paid partnerships authentic is the amount of partnerships that your brand does. Yes, it’s exciting to be given the opportunity to work with other major brands. Be sure that the quality of your work does not suffer because you are saying “Yes!” to every opportunity. Focus on creating your best work so that your paid partnerships truly shine. Also remember: once those opportunities start pouring in — don’t overload your audiences with just paid content!

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