How To Do the Holidays in 2020

By December 15, 2020Editorial

Holiday Tips/Guides for a 2020 Holiday Season

The holiday is upon us once more, even if this year it looks a bit different. The CDC holiday guidelines urge for the safety of all, that “the safest way to celebrate the winter holidays is to celebrate at home with people who live with you.”. While we could sit and bemoan these changes, it might be a good idea to remember what the holiday season is about.

The winters have always been hard for humanity, which is why we recognized the need to celebrate during this time. Every year, we put aside our differences to collectively choose joy over despair. This year, we need that more than ever. So let’s embrace these changes, knowing that they’re for the good of us all, and create a holiday season that once again chooses joy, kindness, and togetherness.

To help with some holiday ideas, here are some fantastic Issuu publications with their tips and guides to tackling this 2020 holiday season.

The Chews Letter

The Chews Letter debuts their first holiday issue this year and it really is a treat! With a focus on love, comfort, memories, and food, this publication offers a wonderful feature on the traditions of Hanukkah that would be lovely to send to the family and reminisce through zoom about your favorite traditions. Along with it comes delicious recipes for dairy-free Sufganiyot and slow-cooker apple butter.

Feast Magazine

Enjoy this wonderful guide from Feast Magazine on how to find holiday cheer and celebrate the season while maintaining social distance. Discover some wonderful inside and outside activities for you and your immediate family to take part in. We can still create wonderful experiences, we just got to lean into that creativity!

Sauce Magazine

Always delivering amazing recipes, Sauce Magazine encourages you to do the same. “Staying home for the holidays is certainly a big change for many, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to create new traditions, like sending a box full o cheer packed to the bum with the things you wish you could be enjoying together.” With those you live with, enjoy time together in the kitchen tackling new recipes for biscotti, bacon jam, or chocolate-covered luxardo cherries. Then, drop them off outside your friends and families doors!

The Bay Magazine

The Bay Magazine has assembled some ideas for turning an outdoor space into a moveable feast. If you got the space and the materials, you could create an unforgettable night underneath the stars for you and your loved ones. Check out their photos and get inspired!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Issuu

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