How to Boost Your Brand with AMP Stories

By February 19, 2020Content Marketing

Boosting your brand with AMP Stories

AMP Stories can help you to elevate your brand’s content marketing approach. By converting your content into the AMP Stories format, you’re opening up opportunities for a broader reach. Learn more about how you can harness the power of AMP for your brand.

What are AMP Stories?

AMP stories give content distributers an immersive mobile format with fast-loading, full-screen experiences. With tappable Story pages and engaging animations, AMP Stories are a great way to distribute your content. Share news, editorial content and other mobile-optimized content as engaging tap-through stories. AMP Stories provide a mobile-focused experience for publishers who want to reach a wider audience within search.

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Convert your ready-made content into AMP Stories with Issuu

Issuu Stories can now be shared and easily integrated with Google AMP technology, for increased SEO to broaden your audience and grow readership on mobile. Every Issuu Story can be delivered in the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format for Google indexing. No engineering resources needed, nor do you need to write a single line of code. Issuu has solved the complicated AMP Project integration process and now, with just a click of a button, your Issuu Stories can be delivered with Google AMP technology. Issuu Stories in the AMP format are optimized for Google search, load more quickly and are given priority in mobile search results. This means a broader reach for your content and increased readership too.

AMP Stories with Issuu

Converting to AMP Stories

AMP Stories are is a new, creative and visually rich Way of storytelling which are Optimized for Google Indexing and Prioritized for Mobile Search so more readers can find your stories. Some of the top brands in publishing are using AMP Stories including Issuu, CNN, Wired and more. Converting your content to AMP Stories can be done easily using Issuu’s tools. When you create an Article Story on Issuu, it will automatically create a Story in AMP format. When you publish a Visual Story on Issuu, it will be in the AMP format as well.

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Get started with Issuu

Try Issuu today to explore our brand-boosting tools. With Issuu, you can explore a variety of digital publishing tools to gain reach for your brand, and share in exciting formats. Get started with Issuu today!

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