How Stories are Shaping the Digital Landscape

By June 27, 2019Editorial

How Stories are changing social media

Stories are becoming an increasingly prominent type of media across a variety of platforms. Whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Issuu or Facebook, the Story format is on the rise. Brands and content creators alike are finding more interest in the Story format, and platforms are delivering. Stories are becoming a universal language, and the content creation landscape is adapting. There is an increasing emphasis on Stories in content marketing and strategy. So, how exactly are Stories changing social media?

The rise of social stories

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Less curation, more creation

Stories allow creators to stop focusing on the visual appearances of their social feeds and do what they do best: create. With many social networks, there is a lot of emphasis on curating the perfect feed of content. Stories eliminate the need to constantly feel the need to “curate”. This way, content creators have the ability to continuously create and share content without the pressure of heavy curation. Audiences appreciate content that feels more custom to them and their interests.

Digestible content

The Stories format allows for easily digestible content. In today’s busy world, it’s easier and easier to digest bite-sized content. Audiences can spend less time consumed in finding content, and more time immersing themselves in the content that they actually enjoy. AMP Stories are created with lightning-fast technology that allows readers to quickly digest Stories content. Visual Stories on social also create an immersive experience for viewers to tap through Stories without taking too much time or effort.

Immersive format

Stories are changing social media in many ways, including the face of social media. The Stories format is an immersive experience that takes up a full mobile reading screen. This allows audiences to completely absorb themselves in the content they want to consume. Sharing Stories on social is a great way to completely engage your audience. Because Stories are so immersive, they become extra engaging. When Story viewers see a link or button in their Story, it’s easy to swipe, tap, reply and so on.

Seamless transitions

Within Story sharing and reading platforms, there are often seamless transitions or suggestions to move from one Story to the next. Whether it’s a quick swipe or tap to the next Story, it’s a seamless transition to keep audiences engaged and immersed in the content. Being able to swipe up on social platforms to view links in Stories also creates a seamless experience for the viewer. Swiping and tapping gives a seamless experience that doesn’t force the viewer to leave their preferred Story viewing platform.

Private engagement

Users are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the typical format of “likes” on social media. With Instagram even experimenting with the removal of publicly visible likes, it’s comes as no surprise that Stories are becoming a popular format. Engagement on Stories is totally private, where only those who post the Story itself can see who is viewing. Many Story sharing platforms allow for in-depth statistics on views, link tapping, button tapping and more for shared Stories.

Brand opportunities

Brands are finding a variety of opportunities in marketing with the Stories format. Advertising strategies are adapting to the Stories format, through both Story ads and influencer marketing opportunities. On Instagram, for example, brands are finding it easier to advertise with Stories thanks to the “swipe up” feature. This allows users to directly swipe to a link to the brand’s product.

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How stories are changing social media

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