How Influencers can Use AMP Stories

By October 4, 2019Content Marketing

How Influencers can Use AMP Stories

Influencers have been heavily criticized recently with claims they are nothing more than self-centered attention seekers. This is an ad hominem logical fallacy. People are distracting us from the center of the conversation, are influencers an effective part of a marketing strategy?, by attacking their character, motive, or other attributes. Read on for tips on integrating an influencer marketing strategy with AMP Stories.

The influencer isn’t dead

The truth of the matter is in the numbers. Many of these people are intelligent entrepreneurs who have the loyal ear of your consumers. Therefore, it’s better to have them on your side. Paired with Google AMP technology your influencer marketing strategy will stand the tests of mobile Internet chaos. Their niche networks are cheaper than hiring a PR agency because people don’t trust brand information coming from the company itself anymore. They need user reviews and endorsements from credible sources. Here are a few ways industry professionals are predicting influencer marketing to go in 2020.

E-learning will increase. Experts will collaborate with brands and create webinars and online workshops. There is a large demand for this sort of content. For example, the 2019 Demand Gen Report finds that case studies and webinars are the most effective influencer content marketing formats [1]. It also finds that 63% of B2B representatives polled said they were willing to share information with a company in exchange for webinars [1]. So, ask yourself ,what sorts of expertise can I share with the world? Promote these online courses with Stories from our Story Cloud.

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Video is still on the rise. This is because it promotes storytelling. All major social media sites now support Story formats. Our Visual Story templates make it easy for you to create social-ready stories directly from your uploaded content. Marketing scholars recommend co-creating these pieces with influencers. These are all examples of “confluence marketing”– which blends content and influence. Brands must increasingly view themselves as web publishers, which increases the demand for quality branded content [2]. Issuu fills this gap. Our Story Cloud make it so you do not have to hire more engineers or designers in order to have beautiful, searchable, and recognizable campaigns.

How exactly does this relate to AMP?

AMP is the key for making your influencer content stick. Internet personalities do not exist in a confined ecosystem, and neither does your brand [3]. This means everyone involved has multiple social media accounts and probably their own website. The beauty of our AMP integration is that all of these interactions are trackable. This means AMP Stories are self-canonical and do not require a single website’s analytics in order to track interactions. Specific insights you can calculate with the AMP project are your most visited story, most visited page in a story, how far people usually go within a particular story, average number of pages people see per story, how long people spend on each story, and how many ads were shown [3]. All of which can help gauge campaign performance. Drop offs in story page visits are excellent insight for the future.

Influencers enjoy creative flexibility, which is exactly what our AMP Story integration allows. Issuu Story templates are customizable and mobile-ready. You can also push your AMP-ed story directly to social media. This is critical because Instagram will remain an influencer hub for a long while to come [4].

Major tip for planning your 2020 influencer strategy

Part of the reason influencers are getting such a bad reputation these days is because a vocal few are scamming the social media system. They know how to “buy” followers and reviews. Therefore, shy away from macro influencers with over 99k followers. Nano influencers, 1-9k followers, have very loyal and 100% authentic followings. Micro influencers have 10-99k followers and are slightly more expensive [4]. Be careful when deciding to pay more for an influencer. Loyal authentic followers are worth far more than click-bait numbers.


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