How do Independent Magazines Book Celebrity Covers?

By June 25, 2019Editorial

Booking a Celebrity Cover

Publishers are always looking for ways to increase their readership and feature more quality content. Oftentimes, a celebrity interview may be the key to achieving some of your goals. Booking a celebrity cover may seem unattainable as an independent magazine. But, by following the five steps below, you can gain that celebrity feature.

Produce a media kit

First things first, you know how great your magazine is. But, as a small and/or independent magazine, not everyone may have heard of said greatness. To prove just how significant your magazine is, create a media kit to prove your readership. Issuu has a guide that can lead you on this task here. Issuu statistics are also a helpful tool in regards to media kit production. Through this, we can track your reading devices, source, readers around the world, and more. These will give you insights into your magazine and show which areas to capitalize on.

Interview local talent

Next, it is vital to work with local talent and build up your credentials. There is power in producing quality content from your local surroundings. Interviewing up and coming talent close to your home will prove to other celebrities that you have already worked with people around you. Some Issuu publishers that run independent magazines and focus on covering local talent include Local Wolves, NKD Mag, NUDE. Magazine, and Grumpy Magazine. Each of these magazines are highlighting the talent in their own backyards’. By doing the same, you can also bring awareness to the diverse artists all around us and get closer to booking a celebrity cover.

Research, research, research

After making a media kit and producing content on local talent, research becomes necessary to get to the goal of booking a celebrity cover. Research PR agencies and arrange calls and/or meetings. Although this is often the nitty-gritty part, it is important to put in the proper research. Finding a PR agency that is a good fit for your magazine will help improve your reputation in the media world. This agency can aid in analyzing your product, curating promising communication, and presenting your stories in the best light. 

Select a concept for celebrity feature

Now that you’ve invested your time and effort into the previous steps, you are even closer to booking an interview with the talent you want to feature. However, before reaching out, come up with a concept for the desired talent. For example, several Issuu stories feature celebrities from magazines that have carefully picked the idea for that specific article.

Some ideas to jump off of are centering a piece around that celebrity’s most recent work, or focusing on that celebrity’s brand or style. For instance, ICON Magazine focuses their cover story of Christina Applegate on her successful role in the popular Netflix series Dead to Me. Teenage Magazine highlights celebrity makeup brands and trends in their feature including Kylie Jenner’s brand.

Build social presence & share celebrity content

Lastly, you must establish a strong presence on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Issuu’s Visual Stories tool from the Issuu Story Cloud allows publishers to share their content on these platforms, including features on celebrities such as Aladdin’s star Mena Massound and Rocketman’s leading actor Taron Egerton in video format. By building your social presence, you can allow more readers to see the greatness, that you already knew, of your magazine.

Once you have completed these steps, go ahead and celebrate your success!

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