Stay Focused During the Holidays with these Tips

By November 27, 2019Tips

Holiday Productivity

The holiday season brings a time of great festivities and fun. But, it also brings heavy workloads, tight deadlines, and for many, lots of stress. To ensure you keep both work and play in order, and your self-care intact during the hecticness of the holidays, we’ve outlined 5-holiday productivity tips. Stay focused during the holidays with these tips:

Set Goals Holiday Productivity

The first key to productivity during the holiday season is to set goals. Whether big or small goals, it’s important to remain honest and aware of the tasks you must complete during the busy time of year. Decide what’s important to achieve and set priorities. Set specific timeframes and deadlines for hot deliverables and your work will be buzzing to completion in no time.

Organize Your Tasks

First, you must set goals. Second, you must organize yourself and your tasks in order to reach those goals. A simple to-do list and in-depth and updated calendar will work wonders to keep you organized. Additionally, communication will help ensure you’re organized this holiday season. Talk to your co-workers, talk to your clients, and talk to yourself to ensure hot items and deliverables are met in a timely manner.

Work Distraction Free

To increase your holiday productivity, it’s imperative to work distraction-free. Turn off those texts, unplug from social media, and focus on what’s truly important — the work in front of you. To truly boost productivity, give your desk, home-office, and desktop a little love to. A clean workspace will not only decrease distractions, it’ll keep you organized. Thus, increasing holiday productivity.

Leverage Resources

Just because it’s a hectic time of year doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for help. If you feel your plate piling high, be proactive! Look to your co-workers, friends, family and more for help, advice, or just a little boost to keep you chugging along. Additionally, look to the web for helpful resources to increase your holiday productivity. For example, look to The Issuu Blog. The Issuu Blog is filled with helpful resources for businesses and brands of all types. From content marketing tactics to design tips, to general lifestyle inspiration, there’s bound to be a helpful resource for all.

Here are a few holiday-themed resources that may come in handy:

Take Breaks

While working away during the busy time of year, it’s important not to burn out. Thus, ensure you’re taking work breaks and recharging. Not only are work breaks essential to self-care and well being, they actually prove to increase productivity when back to hitting the grind. So, set some time for yourself. Whether it is a 15-minute coffee run or a 60-minute actual run, pick a few activities that you know will help you unwind and recharge.

Heading into your busy season? Let us know in the comments below how you stay productive during the holidays!

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