Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Brand

By September 19, 2019Content Marketing, Editorial

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Brand

For marketers the holidays are busy, yet rewarding. This is the perfect time for your brand to show audiences how you fit into their holiday plans. With Issuu your holiday content marketing is made easy. Keep reading for inspiration!

Thanksgiving Holiday Marketing Ideas

Okay, I know most of the world doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. However, the cozy autumn aesthetic is global in the form of the Harvest Festival. We celebrate bounty and community around the world with dates ranging from late September to mid November.

A simple “thank you” social campaign is a nice start. Yet, there are more creative ways of showing appreciation. Give loyal followers exclusive deals or content. Identify these engaged customers with Issuu Analytics. Additionally, attract new community members with a giveaway. Such as free tickets to your next event. Or, work with your advertisers– think dinners, hotel stays, shows, and more.

Additionally, producing an interactive flip-book catalog is an excellent way of welcoming your audience into your brand.  As we always say, show your offer in action! Include spreads of your products as part of stunning centerpieces. Feature travel destinations with changing leaves, good food, and gatherings of friends and family. Don’t forget to add links and video. And of course, create Stories from your catalog featuring your favorite products and people.

Check out this beautiful catalog below from Sunterra Market.

December Holiday Marketing Ideas

This sense of community continues into December. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, or something else all together Issuu can help you market for the season. An interactive gift guide is a fun of drawing people in. First, create a survey that helps your audience pick the perfect gift for whoever they are shopping for. Are they adventurous? a music lover? tech geek? Then, link each result on your survey page to a corresponding page with suggestions. And of course, link the products, music, etc. so people can easily purchase that perfect gift. Below is a solid example from Foodism magazine.

As always, use Stories as a way to pull out important content. Explore visual marketing and use the Inspire Story template– which best showcases your visual content. Or, use our gif maker. Get people excited for the season with multimedia content. Soon people will be coming to you as their source for holiday inspiration.

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New Years Marketing Ideas

Establish yourself as a party planning resource! With “serious” holidays over it’s time to let loose. Create spreads pairing your favorite food and wine. Include drink recipes and how-to’s for glamorous decorating. Write inspiring style guides with shopping links to New Year’s party clothes.

Focus on fresh fun new beginnings. One way is with a contest. (See example above!) Ask for submissions reflecting on the past year.  This can be an industry magazine asking for short blurbs of their follower’s success stories or a hobby magazine calling their audience for pictures of their best creations. Lastly, make a gallery of your submissions on your blog or website after the contest. Call out winners and honorable mentions. This way you have personalized social content for that first week of the year.

The holidays are the ideal opportunity for establishing your brand. Issuu helps you get the most out of these opportunities with our suite of digital publishing products. So, start planning your holiday marketing now on the Issuu Story Cloud!

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