Having Your Cake: Solo Magazine Editors

By October 23, 2017Editorial

When it comes to running a publication, an individual can be unstoppable. To achieve, it takes passion, ambition and hard work. These solo editors have put their everything into their magazines –– and have made it work by themselves. Get inspired by these individual-run publications who are making it happen.

Man of Metropolis

February 2018 issue

Our ninth issue stars Olympic Athlete Gus Kenworthy by John Russo

Seth Travis is set out to make Man of Metropolis a staple in menswear publishing. Having founded the magazine two years ago, MoM takes mens fashion to the next level –– hence the tagline “Man Elevated”. Want to spend a day on set with Seth in Manhattan? Check out our Golden Issue contest to find out how!

NKD Magazine

NKD Mag – Issue #82 (April 2018)

Featuring: Candice King, Graham Phillips, Alisha Wainwright, High Valley, Morgan Wallen, Alex Sparrow, Lol Flanery, Lizzy Greene, Ariel Mortman, Mina Sundwall

Editor, photographer, jet-setter –– is there anything Catherine Powell can’t do? With more than 75 issues of NKD Mag under her belt, it seems that Catherine is an unstoppable force in music and entertainment. Boasting cover stars like Victoria Justice, Jake Miller and Tyler Oakley, NKD doesn’t skip a beat on its rising stars.

FORGE. Art Magazine

FORGE. Issue 16: Perspective

FORGE. is a quarterly submission based art magazine, with the sole purpose of showcasing the work of different artists on the internet and around the world. Issue 16: Perspective includes submissions by Ariel Davis, Molly Dyson, Jack Herzog, Hayley Dawn Muir, Kelsey Wroten, Sarah Lasater, Laura Endy, Marie-Anne Mohanna, Francesca Killian, and Basia Kurlender.

Matthew James-Wilson is the heart and soul behind FORGE. Art Magazine, a quarterly publication showcasing the work of up-and-coming talent in the arts. With names like VICE and ROOKIE on his resumé, it’s hard to believe that Matthew has the time to put out four large issues of FORGE. every year!

Atlas Magazine

Atlas Magazine | Spring 2018 | The Vitality Issue

Digital fashion magazine for the new generation of creatives. Daily editorials, quarterly issues, constant vibes. Spring is a time for growth and change. It is a time to embrace your feelings but as well, welcome new ones. It is a time to let go and focus on you.

Once run by two editors, Atlas Magazine has fallen into the hands of Megan Breukelman who has managed the fashion magazine completely solo since early 2017. Shifting the stylistic choices and editorial concept of the magazine, Megan makes it work with four issues a year and a website updated daily with editorial content.

Grumpy Magazine

GRUMPY MAGAZINE #9 (Winter 2017/2018) – Skeet Ulrich

ON THE COVER: Skeet Ulrich by Clark Atanacio // Tasya Teles by A.J. Diniz | FEATURING: Asia Monet Ray – Sofia Wylie – Dylan Schmid – Lost Kings – Tony Ann – King Deco – Kelsey Taggart

Jasmine Perrier runs Grumpy Magazine, a bi-monthly and bi-lingual magazine spotlighting creatives in fashion and entertainment. In her own words, her role is public relations, customer service, content creation, business development, community management –– is there anything more to say?!

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