Golden Issue Giveaway: The Sweet Side of Brooklyn

By November 8, 2017Events, Publisher Spotlight

We’re flying one lucky Golden Issue winner and a guest to New York to join Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul to make and eat their way through Brooklyn. We had a chance to chat with Paul to learn more about Sweet Paul and the adventure he has pulled together for our Golden Issue giveaway.

How did you come to starting Sweet Paul in the first place?
I had been working for others for 25 years and I knew it was time to move on. I wanted to create something that was mine, a magazine that I would love to read.

What’s tough about creating your magazine? What’s the “sweetest” thing?
To be honest, deadlines are always hard! It’s a very fun project to work on and I love getting feedback from readers. Especially, hearing that they do actually make the food and crafts we come up with.

What inspired you to bring a winner and guest to your adopted home town?
We call our readers family, the Sweet Paul Family. I really hope they feel the love and attention we put into every issue. It’s not just about making a magazine but creating an experience. I couldn’t think of a better prize for me than getting to host Sweet Paul Family for a day and getting to create something and eat great food together.

You’ve pulled together some neighborhood favorites for your winner – why did you pick each?  

Brooklyn Shoe Space
They are so awesome at what they do, I mean you can make your own shoes! I’m so excited to sit down with the winner and make a tote bag with them, something they can take home with them. It will be so much fun.

Cafe Colette
It’s just such a cute place with a great vibe and always good food. Just love it!

Maison Premiere
It’s simply the chicest cocktail bar in New York. The cocktails are next level. My favorite place.

Hotel Wythe
A truly cool Brooklyn hotel. The winner will have so much fun here. Bar, restaurant, amazing views from the rooftop; and if they are bored they can cross the street and go to Brooklyn Bowl, the best bowling alley in Brooklyn.

How do you readers shape Sweet Paul?
They mean a lot to us. I do listen. Sometimes we post on social and ask what would you like to read about in the next issue. We get hundreds of answers and they do come up with some great ideas.

How would you describe Sweet Paul – your magazine and way of life?
Sweet Paul Magazine is all about finding joy in cooking and crafting. It’s not about being perfect, but finding those great ways to make your life better. Find perfection in the imperfect.

Want to meet Paul and experience the sweet side of Brooklyn? Enter our Golden Issue Giveaway for a three day trip to NYC for you and a friend.  Pro tip: visiting the Golden Issue page in your Sweet Paul magazine each day will get you even more entries.

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