Golden Issue Giveaway: Lights, Camera, Fashion

By November 6, 2017Events, Publisher Spotlight

We’re flying one lucky Golden Issue winner and a guest to New York to join Seth Travis, Editor-in-Chief of Man of Metropolis, on the set of an editorial fashion shoot. We caught up with Seth to learn more about the origins of Man of Metropolis and his Golden Issue prize.

How did you come about publishing your own magazine in the first place
It started out as a way to directly share my perspective on fashion and culture with others. I was hoping it would get me noticed by major brands like Giorgio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna and Louis Vuitton. I knew if I could build a brand effectively I could attract talented creative to help me bring my vision to life with really great content. That in turn, would help me get in front of key leaders across fashion, media, and talent.

What’s been the most challenging thing about creating Man of Metropolis?
Honestly, starting anything alone is tough. I think that is why you see so many entrepreneurs support one another. I was on a flight with Arianna Huffington and gave her a copy of the mag. She spent the next 20 minutes paging through it, and congratulated me and gave me her card.

I have sent so many ‘cold call’ emails and LinkedIn messages to executives at fashion and consumer brands as well. These CEOs, Presidents and Creative Directors email me back, set up coffees, and genuinely give a damn. I wish it was that easy with all the press teams, fashion coordinators, etc. So — when I get frustrated with a never ending email thread I try to focus on the time, energy and help so many people have given me.

What makes it all worth it?
Making stuff and meeting people. The most fun has been meeting other really talented humans — who are kind. I grew up seeing art as an escape, as a way to play, generate ideas, express myself and that doesn’t stop as an adult. It bonds us with others that feel that way about being creative. I can’t tell you how many times I interview an artist, or an actor or discuss a fashion story with someone and the energy is palpable. You can feel how right it is.

What was the inspiration behind having a reader join you in New York?
I love the creative process – and actually making a magazine I want to read – and meeting people. So I decided to do both for my giveaway. Give a reader a chance to join me at an editorial shoot to see the process first hand, meet the photographer, stylist, and models. It can be tough starting your own thing and sometimes very exclusive in the fashion world. There can be a sense that we’re too cool or unapproachable. That’s not what I’m about nor Man of Metropolis. I’d like to show my readers that and hopefully they can learn more about editorial production and of course, have some fun.

What role do readers and your relationship with them play in Man of Metropolis?
I started Man of Metropolis as a magazine I wanted to read – something that represented the person I am and aspire to be. As my readership has grown, I see that it’s now all that for my readers. They are Man of Metropolis.

We get amazing feedback from them on art direction, fashion, and casting. Especially when we get to connect with people face to face at events. This is another reason I’m excited to spend the day with our winner in New York. People also LOVE the name Man of Metropolis – we’re definitely resonating with our readers.

Who is the Man of Metropolis?
Our readers – the modern man. He could be a 29 year old creative professional type living in the West Village who loves fashion and travel and is New York through and through. Or maybe a guy right out of college who loves music, films, and his sneaker collection. He is successful Vice President who is married and a new dad, but also loves eating well on his business trips and never travels without his favorite leather duffle his grandfather gave him. Or an entrepreneur who enjoys yoga, espresso, and shopping at Bergdorf Goodman’s.

Want to meet Seth in New York and go behind the scenes of Man of Metropolis? Enter our Golden Issue Giveaway for a three day trip to NYC for you and a friend.  Pro tip: visiting the Golden Issue page in your Man of Metropolis magazine each day will get you even more entries.

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