Why It’s Okay to Plateau

By July 20, 2018Publisher Spotlight

A guest post by Raylene Pereyra, founder and editor of NUDE. Magazine, our Publisher of the Month.

NUDE. produces a magazine once monthly which means at the start of each issue, we have to think of new ideas that we haven’t before. Readers want to know what to expect but see it in a different form every month with new colors, photos and art. As editors, we all know this can be a daunting task but today I want to speak on the plateau of a creative. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it because it’s probably a sign you’re headed in the right direction.

Most people plateau. Even successful people. It’s actually very common for anyone who is successful to get stuck. Think about some of your favorite singers, artists, and even companies. At one point or another, they usually stop being as creative. We all have that singer we love, whose first couple albums had way more soul. Once they became famous, their music became far less innovative.

The same is often true of world-renowned chefs. Once their restaurant becomes highly successful, they usually stop launching new menu items. When something is working, it’s hard to go back to square one. This is how you get stuck. This is how you get confused and lose the reason you began. Creativity, and always pushing your boundaries, is what you should be about. Just because something is working doesn’t give you permission to stop evolving. So, reinvent yourself. Over and over and over – no matter how hard it is to walk away from something brilliant. A true creator never stops pushing boundaries, never stops reinventing, never tolerates a plateau.

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