Free Instagram Story Templates in 2019

Free Instagram Story Templates from Issuu

In today’s social-driven world, Stories on all types of platforms are proving to be a valuable asset within any brands marketing strategy. So whether it be Visual Stories or content-rich Stories in general, all brands should leverage the power of engaging storytelling. With the use of Stories, brands can connect and captivate their audience on a social and more casual level. The Instagram Story, for example, has recently skyrocketed in popularity. Therefore, today’s digital marketers have turned to Instagram Stories to provide insights on their brand, to promote their offerings and to share their content in short form. Now more than ever, audiences are craving in-depth, quality content that is easily digestible. With the Free Instagram Story Templates and Issuu Stories, audiences can now view content exactly how they please.

The Issuu Story Cloud

To enhance creators ability to produce and share their content on a broader level, Issuu has introduced the Issuu Story Cloud. The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of integrated digital publishing products, including the Free Instagram Story Templates. Now marketers can tap the power of the Issuu Story Cloud to create and share content to their website, on their blog or as Instagram Stories, Stories on Facebook, Snapchat Stories and more. The Issuu Story Cloud makes it easy to convert your content into new formats for sharing on your website, as mobile Stories on social and across the web.

We’ve made it easy. Simply upload your content to the Issuu publisher workspace and transform it into new native formats using the suite of Issuu Story Cloud products. Go from an interactive full-screen flipbook style reader on big screens to mobile-optimized Instagram Stories with the click of a button. Now with the Free Instagram Story Templates, creative work can effortlessly transform into a new format.

Free Instagram Story Templates

Enhance Your IG Stories with Issuu

To help creatives truly “create once, share everywhere” Issuu is now proudly providing Free Instagram Story Templates. The Free Instagram Story Templates allow brands and businesses to combine visual elements with concise text in an effective manner. By downloading the Issuu iOS App, Android App or the Issuu Adobe InDesign Extension, anyone can now effortlessly turn their existing content into mobile and social optimized formats. And easily share to Instagram.

Story Style

Here at Issuu, we know you have impactful stories to tell. Therefore we’ve created two Free Instagram Story Templates to best highlight the incredible work of our Issuu Users. Introducing Voice and Inspire Story Styles.

Voice: Voice is a fast-paced story style. Have a fabulous quote from an influencer, celeb or industry notable? Voice is the perfect template to show off those killer quotes. Are your features filled with beautiful spreads of images that you want to share with the world? With Voice, you can make use of image takeovers that will wow your viewers. And also with dynamic text animations, you can now create a strong impact that will both drive followers on social and readers to your publication on Issuu.

Inspire: Get ready to inspire with big images and visual breathing space. This visual story template slows things down and lets the content speak for itself. Therefore your viewers can connect with content at a deeper level. This immersive story template is where Editorial meets Interactive for an engaging experience for your readers.

Get started with the Issuu Story Cloud

Instagram Stories are now the most popular and impactful digital marketing format to connect with new audiences across the globe. Now with Issuu Styles, brands have the resources to reflect their business needs. Start creating with the Free Issuu Instagram Story Templates today.

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