Fit & Fabulous: Free Digital Wellness Magazines

By January 14, 2019Editorial

Fit & Fabulous: Free Digital Wellness Magazines

It’s that time of year again. We’re all trying to keep our New Years Resolutions to take better care of our bodies–– and our minds. Issuu’s free digital wellness magazines aim to help you do exactly that. Take a peek at some of these free digital wellness magazines to read in 2019.

Digital Wellness Magazine

Happiful January 2019

Better Nutrition Magazine 

Better Nutrition aims to give you the best of healthy, nutritious cooking and invaluable nutrition content. Keep your diet and wellness in check with their free monthly nutrition magazine.

Happiful Magazine

Happiful Magazine conquers not only physical health, but the ever-important topic of mental health. Happiful chats with public figures, shares studies and gives tips on ways to help your body and your mind. This free mental health magazine is a perfect read to ensure your physical state aligns with your mental state.

BESTFIT Magazine

BESTFIT Magazine is a free health, fitness and lifestyle magazine based in the UK. Featuring celebrities, influencers and fitness gurus, this magazine is perfect for those who want to live their best lives.

Healthy Magazine

Get healthy with Healthy Magazine. Discussing health from all angles, Healthy Magazine reports on exactly what the title implies–– health. Read a free copy of Healthy Magazine on Issuu.

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