Election Season 2020: Guide to important Election and Voter Information on Issuu

By October 14, 2020Editorial

Election Season 2020: Guide to important Election and Voter Information on Issuu

In the United States, a monumental election is upon us and Issuu is again a content platform hosting critical voter information and election guides. We encourage all of our content creators and readers to make their voices heard this election and to vote— whether in-person or by mail. Together we can elevate marginalized voices and stories from around the globe.

Voter Information

Get the information you need now for next month’s General Election in the United States. Be prepared to make your vote count this election season. Explore our 2020 Election Guides and Voter Information stack here, plus check out a few examples below.

City of Miami Beach

The City of Miami Beach 2020 Voter’s Guide is publishing on Issuu to provide an easily accessible digital Voter’s Guide. The guide is intended to provide objective, impartial and fact-based explanations of the City’s ballot questions. This Election Guide will help the City voters be informed when casting their votes with respect to the City issues presented to them at the polls during the upcoming General Election on November 3, 2020.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting

South Dakota Public Broadcasting created an interactive and one-stop guide for election information in South Dakota. Utilizing Issuu’s enhancement features including interactive links, this guide presents important information about how to vote this November plus enables the reader to easily read more about individual candidates, watch videos about issues, and more. 

Election Viewpoints

Of course, Issuu also offers a platform for content that explores viewpoints and perspectives from around the country and touches upon how policies in the United States might have far reaching influence around the world. Check out our 2020 Election Viewpoints stack here.

The Santa Barbara Independent

Recently The Santa Barbara Independent asked the county’s young voters to share the local and national issues that matter to them. After they received over 500 thoughtful responses, they published a sampling of the responses in their weekly publication, including a digital edition on Issuu.

Women in Politics

Women in Politics is an online magazine, blog, and Youtube channel created by aspiring girl politicians. Women in Politics provide a platform for girls to learn about accomplished women in politics, showcase their ideas to better the nation and connect with other girls with the same passion.


This issue of the Goodnewspaper is called “The Politics Edition”, but you won’t be reading about any of the candidates running for office this year. Instead of diving into individual politics, this issue dives into the civic duties we can play in October and November by voting or helping others vote. 

Don’t find yourself left behind this election season. Find the right resources to get informed, register to vote, and to learn more about the issues affecting your community, state, and country.

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