The Ultimate Editorial Marketing Strategies for 2020

By October 21, 2019Content Marketing

With the new year quickly approaching, now’s the time to start thinking about your 2020 editorial marketing strategies. New year, new you? Why not, new year, new marketing tactics. Think immersive, totally stunning content that is adaptable for any platform. Content that stops viewers from scrolling and draws audiences in. Thus, increasing impressions, follower counts, and generating more sales. Ready to take your editorial content to the next level? Keep reading for editorial marketing tips to make 2020 your best marketing year yet.

Editorial Marketing Strategies

The Issuu Story Cloud

The first step in taking your editorial content to the next level is publishing to Issuu. From Digital Portfolios, Projects, Personal Publications, Photo Albums and more, Creatives use Issuu to showcase their passions, art, photography and whatever else gets their creative juices flowing. Additionally, businesses, brands, and creatives publish their content to Issuu to reach a wide audience and to leverage its many tools.

The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of integrated digital publishing products for creatives looking to create once and share sleek digital content everywhere. With the Issuu Story Cloud, content marketing is simple. Here’s how to streamline your content creation and distribution by transforming your content into exciting new forms:

PDF Flipbook

Interactivity and multimedia is the key to marketing success in 2020. With Issuu’s digital PDF Flipbook, now your content can be fully optimized for all screens on any website or channel. The smooth experience of a PDF flipbook will allow your audience to be distraction-free. Additionally, you can customize the reader’s experience with your company’s branding and logo to truly define your marketing identity. Lastly, with a simple link, add Issuu’s streamlined Flipbook to your sites and blogs to elevate your audience’s web experience.

Issuu Stories 

2019 brought us a multitude of story sharing experiences on various social platforms. From Instagram to Twitter, to Facebook and more, Stories are now the most popular format to connect with new audiences. Thus, it is imperative to leverage Issuu Stories in 2020. Transform your content with a few simple steps so it can easily be viewed on mobile. Think long bulky text that is reformatted into simple-to-read and scrollable content. Optimized for mobile, now your content can be viewed anywhere and at any time.

Visual Stories

Through Issuu’s innovative tools, once you’ve published to the Issuu Story Cloud you can easily reformat your content into the latest marketing phenomena. Yes, we’re looking at you Visual Stories. Today’s viewers don’t want to read lengthy pieces of content, instead, they’re digesting visual-first, shortened pieces. We don’t think Visual Stories are going away anytime soon. So, download the Issuu App for iOS and Android or the Issuu x Adobe InDesign Plugin, and create eye-catching Visual Stories in no time.

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Embedded Video

In 2020, be sure to leverage all that multimedia has to offer. That means, enhancing your content with a variety of viewing experiences. The ages of text and image only content is behind us. Now, add a video to give your views a totally immersable experience. Simply link to a YouTube or Vimeo video, and let the content instantly play right on the page.

Shopping + Web Links

Successful marketing tactics don’t need to always be flashy and page-jumping in order to be successful. Especially in today’s market, less is often more. Shopping + Web Links are a simple and discreet way to add in a revenue stream to your content.

Now, craft an entire story, or a visually compelling experience around your products. Whether it’s an editorial magazine, digital lookbook, or catalog, earn money by directing readers to your own marketplace or to e-commerce sites like Amazon, Etsy or eBay. Preferred affiliate links programs work too. To set up shopping links: Go to the “Links” section of your publication. You can highlight the clickable areas and then add the link where readers can shop for the item or service. It’s just that simple.

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