Why Your Business Needs Ebooks

By October 2, 2019Business

What is an Ebook?

An Ebook, also known as an electronic book, is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both. It’s readable on the flat-panel display of computers and electronic devices such as mobile phones and ebook readers. Sometimes, Ebooks are defined as the digital copy of a physically printed book. But, more and more businesses, brands, and content creators are now turning solely to digital ebook creation.

Businesses are now turning to Ebook creation. Here’s why:

Create Ebook Content Easily

Thanks to the digital age, creating Ebooks for your business is simple. Whether you’re a business of 1 or a business of 500, anyone can create an Ebook. Unlike, the extensive resources needed to create a physical book. But, if you don’t know where to start, check out our Free Magazine & Catalogue Templates for Brands, Bloggers, and Creators of All Kinds.  With spaces for photos, videos, text, and ads, these templates are perfect for any business looking to convert their existing content into an Ebook for their business.

Additionally, businesses are turning to Ebook creation, because it’s simple to update content. Have products, services, or prices changed for your business? Easily dive back into your digital Ebook and edit where needed. Then, re-upload that content to Issuu. No need to worry about having outdated physical information when leveraging Ebooks for your business!

Expand Your Reach

In short, businesses should leverage Ebooks because they expand reach. With physical books, it’s often expensive, time-consuming and difficult to reach many customers. But, with Ebooks it’s easy. By simply pushing your business Ebook to Issuu, you instantly increase your potential customer base to the 100 million+ monthly Issuu readers. Now, instead of having to generate sales at bookstores and within static online sales sites, instantly reach more customers on Issuu.

Understand Your Ebook Readers

Additionally, with physical books, it’s often difficult to understand your readers. But for a business, it’s crucial to understand the content your audience reacts to. In simple, by being able to understand your Ebook readers, you can better understand your customers. Thus, generating more sales. With Issuu Analytics, view metrics such as reads, read time, average time spent on a page, and more.

Reformat Your Ebook Content

Most importantly, when a business creates an Ebook, it can also reformat that content into new forms. The Issuu Story Cloud allows businesses to take their content to the next level with a set of integrated publishing tools. How? Here are 5 ways you can reformat your Ebook with Issuu:

Issuu Stories

First, reformat your Ebook content into Issuu Stories. As the most popular format to connect with new audiences on mobile and social, it’s imperative to leverage this tool. In a few simple steps, section off your content into ‘stories’ and optimize it to be mobile-friendly. Now, your business content can be viewed on mobile devices with ease.

Visual Stories 

Second, reformat your Ebook and Issuu Stories into Visual Stories. Visual Stories are the latest marketing tactic that will take your business promotion to the next level. By downloading the Issuu App for iOS and Android or the Issuu x Adobe InDesign Plugin, you can create eye-catching Visual Stories in no time. Combine visual elements with concise text that draws in viewers on social.

Embedded Video

Currently, physical books can’t be generated into a multi-medium experience. But now, with Ebooks, you can transform content into an immersive experience. Instead of just static text and images, add a video! Simply link YouTube and Vimeo videos in your publication and they will autoplay right on the page. Thus, giving your readers a truly unique and eye-catching experience.

Shopping Links

Additionally, physical books could never link out to other content. But with the Issuu Story Cloud, create an Ebook that links to your business web and shopping pages. Now, create editorial content and generate a direct revenue stream for your product. Learn more about shopping links today.

Issuu Sales 

Have no fear, just because your now creating Ebooks for your business doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sales! With Issuu Sales, businesses can sell digital access to their content as a subscription or as a single issue sale. With Issuu’s reader-base of 100 million+ monthly readers, thats a lot of sales!

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