How to Distribute a Digital Magazine

By August 27, 2019Editorial

Distribute a Digital Magazine with Issuu

While nearly everyone can create a digital publication and upload it on the Internet and various platforms, more platforms mean more effort. Each platform requires a different presentation of content, which means that your digital magazine will take many forms in order to be distributed most effectively. Issuu is presenting the sleekest, easiest way to share and distribute your digital magazine or publication. Let’s learn how to distribute a digital magazine with the Issuu Story Cloud.

The Issuu Story Cloud

The Issuu Story Cloud helps you to maximize the distribution across different social media platforms. Whether it is mobile or web, article or publication sharing, Issuu provides optimized versions of your content that is ready to share with the world.  Create and share Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and more beautiful digital assets from your brand-approved content With the Issuu Story Cloud, you can boost digital sales, share individual articles, and visual stories. 

Sell Digital Magazines with Issuu

Issuu provides the best way to sell your digital magazines. The Issuu Premium Plan provides a secure magazine sales solution that works beautifully on any device. 

With this plan, you can sell your digital publications by issue or through a subscription. Share your content across platforms and drive readers back to your publication on Issuu to increase your digital sales. 

The hard work of creating a masterpiece publication is done. Let Issuu help you with the rest! 

How to Monetize Your Digital Magazine

Digital Sales

Sell Anywhere

Drive sales with free previews of Stories inside your publication. Share on your website and social channels.

Fast & Fair Payment

Get paid directly by your readers through Stripe.

Controlled Access

Only verified purchasers get full and easy access to your content via Issuu. Allow or disallow PDF downloads.

Single or Subscription

Let your readers buy your magazine as a single issue or as part of a subscription.

Easy Setup + Optimization

You control what previews and cover price work for your business.


Sell Advertisements

Publishing with Issuu increases your reads–meaning more impressions for your advertisers. Sell advertisements in your publication as well as on your Issuu page to create revenue. With the Google AdSense Alpha Program, you can earn 60% in ad revenue share from your content. 

Sponsor Content

Collaborate with and promote brands through sponsored editorial content, and help them advertise in a more natural way to readers. 

Video Embeds

Issuu provides a feature to embed Videos in your content which takes your multimedia content to the next level. With our Premium or Optimum plan, you can embed Youtube/Vimeo videos directly in your content.

Using Stories to elevate your digital magazine brand

Creating Visual Stories and Article Stories with the Issuu Story Cloud helps bring readers back to your publication and boost overall sales. Article Stories and Visual Stories are perfect for sharing snippets of long-form content and capturing audiences across social media and the web. Draw readers in with a glimpse into your work! Here’s how they work: 

Article Stories

The Story feature helps convert articles into stories for mobile scrolling and reading, as opposed to full publication flipbooks. Mobile optimization of individual stories allows you to promote more content from the same publication. The use of social sharing helps drive sales and engagement. 


Visual Stories

With Issuu Visual Stories, you can convert existing Article Stories and create engaging video Stories from them. These can be shared just as easily as Stories themselves, and work even better on certain platforms like Instagram and Snap. Sharing is easier than ever now that the Issuu Story Cloud converts all Visual Stories into AMP format. This means that your article loads faster and is searchable all across the web. Google search promotes AMP stories on a special media carousel, which vastly increases the visibility of your content. 

Visual Stories are teasers that showcase your published content or promote your brand and products optimized for all social platforms–especially Instagram and Facebook stories. 

The advantage here is that you can share whatever you’re teasing across all social platforms easily. Essentially, you’re creating an ad for yourself that you can send to all your followers (and others, if you choose to promote it)

Get started with the Issuu Story Cloud.

While Issuu Stories offers the unique ability to market your content creatively, you can unlock its full potential by pairing Stories with all of Issuu’s other publisher tools. Together, they can help drive sales and build your online presence. With the Issuu Story Cloud, sharing and distributing a digital magazine is easier than ever. Get started today with the Issuu Story Cloud.


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