Reach clients faster with digital real estate marketing

By April 5, 2020Business, Content Marketing

Digital Real Estate Marketing

Now more than ever is it crucial to reach customers at multiple touchpoints. Whether it be retail, restaurants, or in this case real estate, leveraging multiple marketing facets such as digital will build stronger reach. Thus, making it easier to reach clients faster to generate more sales.

With Issuu’s suite of digital publishing tools, creating real estate digital marketing content is easy. Professionals can lean on Issuu to showcase their listings in sleek PDF publications. And from there, reformat their content to be distributed to multiple platforms. The key to creating successful digital content is to tailor it to each specific platform. Keep reading for an in-depth look at how Issuu can do this for you.

Use Issuu’s Shareable Full-Screen Reader to Promote Listings

The Issuu Shareable Full-Screen Reader allows realtors to showcase their listings in a sleek and interactive format. Now prospective buyers can get an in-depth look at properties from the comfort our their home. Additionally, Issuu’s Embed technology allows for simple sharing. Insert Full-Screen spreads onto your own website, blog, and marketing collateral with ease.

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Reformat and Redistribute Your Content to Social 

Reach real estate clients faster with a strong social strategy. Thanks to Issuu, you can now create once, and share everywhere. Issuu’s tools allow you to reformat your content to ensure it best fits its intended platform. Think: short-form content that’s best for mobile, visual-first stories for Instagram, and even GIFs to peak attention in cluttered social feeds.

Article Stories makes it easy for real estate digital marketing pros to deliver the best mobile experience for their content. Optimized for mobile-first and readability, you can easily create short-form stories specific to each individual listing. Thus, making it simple to directly share listings to future clients in no time.

Visual Stories are a powerful way to connect with your audiences on social. With Issuu’s visual story creator tool, in a few simple steps, you can reformat your content and share it to Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories and more. Now more than ever, people are looking for homes on social. So, let your listings do all the talking with image-first social content.

GIFs are the perfect tool to stop prospective clients in their social tracks. With overly saturated social channels, GIFs animated, design-first features will catch the eyes of viewers on social. Simply choose which pages of your content you want to feature, change the background, and post to your designed channel of choice.

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