Digital Publishing Tool for Educators and Students.

By July 22, 2020Editorial

Issuu as a Digital Publishing Tool for Educators and Students

The upcoming academic year is full of questions— top of mind of course, is whether in-person classes will resume. Here at Issuu, we recognize the value of in-person classes and participation, but we also believe digital content can deliver strong connections for learning and educational engagement. As we start planning the upcoming school year, whether online exclusively, the hybrid model, or a return to the classroom—consider using Issuu for professional and easy digital publishing. The Issuu platform enables educators, schools, and students to create and distribute digital content for learning, and engagement.

Benefits of Digital Publishing in Education

As the re-opening, and lesson planning begins for the upcoming school year, consider how digital content will play an important role across all aspects of the school experience. Of course, educators, schools, and students have already been leveraging digital content. In fact, in 2017, the US Department of Education published “Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education,” proclaiming that our school system must provide “transformational learning experiences enabled by technology.” Due to the current social distance protocols, and the fact that students and teachers are likely located across cities from each other, or even across the country— digital content through technology is a necessity. Students from pre-Kindergarten levels to graduate-level university courses participated in class Zoom calls, but not all students will learn at the same pace. Digital publications and content is helpful for individual learning. Creating unique or custom content for a group of students, or even creating individual instructions is possible with the help of digital publishing platforms such as Issuu. The ease of uploading, and unlimited content creation on Issuu puts the power in the educators hands to use digital content for customized content, and as often as they might need.

Another hurdle schools, educators, and students will continue to face is access to technology, and ease of use. The non-profit USAFacts reports that “more than 9 million school-aged children lack internet access at home”. Issuu bridges content sharing challenges by offering direct links that are easily opened using cellular data or the internet. This includes fullscreen sharing experiences that immerse the student in the content. Emailing a PDF can create attachment challenges from file size, document reader compatibility, and more. On Issuu, students just need to click on the links provided to view or even download, and the publications they need are ready—even mobile-optimized for students using smartphones, or tablets. 

Digital content also offers a full suite of analytics for the publisher to review and drill down into the amount of engagement their publications are receiving. From publication views to page-level analytics— schools and educators can turn this information into insights. Issuu Statistics will help you improve your content to get more engagement, and increase its value to your students.

Content to Start and End the Course

The new school year is only a few weeks away. Thankfully creating digital content doesn’t require a major investment of time, or money. Educators can get ready for the new semester by publishing the class Syllabus online along with an introduction, and the list of upcoming coursework and assignments. Digital content doesn’t have to be a tool only used by the teachers for the students. In fact, students of all ages will benefit from learning to publish their projects, reports, research papers, course finals, and more. Upload .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, and other familiar files formats, and start to create your own flipbooks, digital magazines, and presentations. Get extra credit by turning reports, and research into social media Stories with Issuu to share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Issuu is an easy-to-use platform that will improve your engagement with students through digital flipbooks, presentations, and publications. Start creating content on Issuu now during the challenging period of remote learning, but you will be pleased to find that Issuu is always a powerful tool for educators, and students.

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