How to Scale Up Your Business with Digital Publishing

By July 25, 2019Business

Whether big or small, The Issuu Story Cloud is helping businesses scale up. As a suite of digital publishing tools, the Issuu Story Cloud has streamlined the way businesses can enhance their content. Whether it be creating promotional materials, drafting slick lookbooks, leveraging online sales, or marketing their products to new platforms — Issuu is helping business professionals worldwide tell their story. Keep reading for digital business solutions you can use to scale up your business.

Leverage Sales Solutions 

The first step in scaling up one’s business is to create slick and engaging promotional content. Through Issuu, businesses can publish beautiful sales materials, catalogs, presentations, lookbooks and more. Most importantly, businesses must show off their products and services in an easy-to-read interactive format. With the Issuu Story Cloud’s suite of products, they can.

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Shareable Full-Screen Reader 

Now that you’ve created and published your digital promotional business materials to Issuu, it’s time to share it! Firstly, when published on Issuu, content is discovered by 100 million+ global readers a month. Most importantly, reach even more eyes, and potential customers, with the Shareable Full-Screen Reader. The Issuu Embed flipbook style reader is optimized for all screens on any website, blog or social channel.

Distribute Content with Issuu Stories 

Create once and share your business content everywhere with Issuu. The Issuu Story Cloud makes it simple to convert content into new formats for sharing on websites, as mobile Issuu Stories on social and across the web. From brochures to lookbooks, any business content can be revamped into Stories style. Slick scrolls, vivid imagery, and enticing large text will make your business content pop. Thus, making it extremely shareable and highly engageable on various social platforms.

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Enhance Your Marketing with Visual Stories

With Issuu’s end-to-end digital business solutions, brands can market their content to social with ease. Visual Stories allows users to share their content to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat and more in an impactful way. By downloading the Issuu iOS AppAndroid App or the Issuu Adobe InDesign Extension, anyone can now effortlessly turn their existing content into mobile and social optimized formats. Let impactful quotes and strong imagery grab the attention of viewers with Visual Stories.

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Increase Sales with Shopping Links and Web Links

Looking to push sales for your products in an editorial-style format? Issuu users are able to broaden their customer base with the Issuu sales engagement platform. But most importantly, publishers are able to drive traffic to their site with direct web links. The Issuu Story Cloud makes it simple to add direct shopping links into any content. Therefore, the days of cheesy, overly promoted sales tactics are over. Starting adding shopping links directly to your publication today.

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Understand Your Customers with Issuu Analytics

A key aspect of scaling up any business is to understand it’s customers. Previously, it may have been difficult to pinpoint exactly what customers liked and didn’t like. But now, with Issuu Analytics business professionals can get real-time information on their publication. Most importantly, publishers can get information on page views, which pages viewers spent the most time on, and how much time they spent. With in-depth information from Issuu Analytics, businesses can now adjust their products, services, and sales techniques accordingly.

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