Digital and Print Publications: The Collaboration Between Photographize and Issuu

By September 16, 2018Publisher Spotlight

A guest post by September Publisher of the Month, Photographize Magazine.

Technology has fundamentally transformed almost every aspect of modern life, bringing formidable powers to our fingertips. Art is not immune to this revolution, which affects both its creation and dissemination.

With the advent of Internet, e-books and other digital devices, the way of reading either books or magazines has clearly changed. Digital publishing makes the previously unthinkable possible. Publications can instantaneously reach the most remote places; the entire world has suddenly become the audience. More importantly, publications are now shareable, adaptive, and responsive in real time to readers’ preferences. The rigidity of traditional publications is replaced by a totally tailored experience.

Inspired by the boundless possibilities of the digital age, artists Andrea Costantini and Carla de la Matta joined forces to give life to Photographize. What started in 2010 as a digital magazine, has evolved into a bubbling ecosystem that also comprises website, a blog and a massive social media presence. The entire network works collaboratively to achieve maximum exposure. Photographize is devoted to all forms of art, including illustration, painting, digital art, photography, sculpture and video. It aims to become a virtual place based on the immediacy, where images are presented in their pure beauty and have the ability to capture and captivate the viewer. It was also envisioned as an innovative channel for connecting artists, companies and galleries.

Photographize’s magazine remains a central component of its universe. It was thus natural to partner with Issuu, the world leading digital publisher. Its state of the art tools, powerful analytics and global reach are unrivaled.

Despite all the virtues of digital publishing, the tactile experience of print remains timeless. A pdf file is easily downloadable and it can be printed in different ways: from a standard home printer, via upload on a website specialized in mag-books printing, or trough any fine printing service. The freedom to choose how to enjoy a publication is absolute. Issuu makes high quality and practical printing available to all its publishers. It hence became the perfect fit for Photographize also on this front.

Digital and print publications complement each other to perfection. The future will certainly lead to further integration of the two worlds.

Photographize Magazine | Issue 39 | September 2018

In this Issue: FEATURED: Omar Aqil, Istvan Sandorfi, Christian Rex van Minnen, Chris Labroody, Lin Yung Cheng (3cm_lin). INTERVIEWS: Sverre Malling, Steve Cutts, C215. ARTICLES: Chema Madoz, Eddie Putera, Luiz Philippe Mendonça.

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  • A great article!

    I would like to build on this by also mentioning the implications for businesses and advertising. We are indeed today in a world where a creator is able to use new, digital techniques, but also the reader is often exposed to the work via a new medium (like f.e. Issuu). However, many businesses out there still only think about “traditional” vizualization of their products of services. That is, a standard product pack shot on a white background.

    However, if the intend is to truly connect with your target consumer, disrupting them with a relevant message and on the medium they are today, one should actually take these insights along when creating a new add or campaign, and brief with the end exposure in mind.

    As creative director of a product photography platform (www.onlineproductphotography.co.uk), I am having these kind of discussions more and more with clients, often leading to radical changes in the project setup. And you would be surprised how few of them already gave any thought to the topic before they came to us.

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