4 Publishers Celebrating Representation

By June 18, 2018Editorial

Celebrating Representation 

We are all affected by the content that we see on social media, in movies, in magazines, in pop culture and more. Because of this, it is important to consume content that shares the stories and experiences of those who have different life experiences than we do. Here are some of our inspirational publishers giving a platform to the stories and cultures of people of color.

Flawless Mag 

Flawless Mag – The Harmony Issue

Flawless Mag is a biannual publication produced by Flawless Brown, a sisterhood and artist collective for women of color. The Harmony Issue is our sixth issue.

Emerson College’s Flawless Magazine features poems, art and content that tells the stories of women of color.

Unapologetic Magazine

Issue Nº1: Strength in Colours

Highlighting stories of people of colour identifying with and being proud of their individual cultures.

Unapologetic Magazine is a social justice magazine that brings to light societal issues affecting people of color. The publication is made up entirely of individuals unapologetically embracing their cultures.

Black Men Dream 


In asking ‘how and when did you become a black man?’, Philadelphia-based artist Shikeith attempts to prompt discussion in his open-format and experimental documentary, #Blackmendream (2015). The film explores the construction of black male identity in America, through candid interviews and by extending the conversation to a safespace online, establishing an exclusive hashtag (#Blackmendream) on Twitter for debate.

Black Men Dream accompanies the experimental documentary #Blackmendream by Shikeith, which explores the emotional lives and obstacles of 9 black men from diverse backgrounds.

Im Telling You Stories 

I’m Telling You Stories

I’m Telling You Stories, named after the Jeanette Winterson quote, is a print typographic book that compiles interviews conducted with seven different women writers, along with long form writing and visuals. With a particular focus on women of colour, each writer explores, dissects, and plays with intersections of identity (race, class, sexuality, ability, etc) and the self through their work.

I’m Telling You Stories is a compilation of interviews with women writers who discuss the intersection of race, sexuality, class, ability and self in their work.

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