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By June 22, 2020Editorial

5 Digital Publishers Creating PRIDE Content FOR YOU

Image from Out Front Magazine

It’s a Pride Month like no other this year. In the middle of a global pandemic and one of the largest civil rights movements in human history, it can feel overwhelming sometimes. But it’s important to take these moments to reflect and to celebrate how far the queer community has come. PRIDE was started to commemorate the black queer women protesting against police brutality and the room for change they created. Issuu is proud to be a platform that offers a wide variety of LGBTQ+ content from publishers all over the world. Here’s a sample of Five Issuu publishers to celebrate Pride with.

1. Out Front Magazine

Out Front Magazine has been serving the LGBTQ community of the Rocky Mountains since 1976 and have been publishing amazing content with Issuu since 2011. Out Front covers a wide variety of topics, but their focus is on news and features queer content for and by the LGBTQQ community. Within this month’s PRIDE celebration edition, they talk about the BLM movement, Rebecca Black, and what virtual drag shows are like for those performing. Celebrate Pride with a publisher who always has their finger on the pulse.

2. Metrosource

Metrosource Magazine is one of the leading national LGBTQ publications. They are consistently giving in-depth interviews and elevating queer artists on a national platform. With this month’s helpful tips for yoga and DIY weddings, this publication has got what you are looking for.

3. Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign is the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for LGBTQ Americans. The HRC represents a force of more than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide, all committed to making the HRC vision a reality. They envision a world where LGBTQ community members are embraced as full members of society in every aspect of life. On Issuu, the HRC puts out Equality Magazine, and several reports with updated information on coming out, LGBTQ youth trends, and more.

4. Echo Magazine

Echo has been serving views, news, and entertainment nonstop to Arizona’s community and Issuu help spread it across the internet. They let you hear from everyone in the LGBTQ community, from teens to elders, and animators to chefs, to get the biggest perspective possible.

5. Gay Wedding and Marriage Magazine

Beyond just tips for weddings, Gay Wedding and Marriage Magazine goes the extra mile and covers everything you can think about when it comes to marriage and relationships. They cover family planning and what it’s like going through the adoption system. They cover marriage counseling and how to strengthen a relationship. But at their core, they’re a celebration, of a beautiful ceremony that so many people fought for.

Find many more publishers striving for equality and making strides for change on Issuu. Issuu helps publishers tell their stories and share to an international audience. Whether it’s for a magazine, reports and more, Issuu allows publishers to share their stories.

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