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By December 23, 2017Editorial, Publisher Spotlight

Cathrine Khom, Editor-in-Chief of Local Wolves, shares five local places in Southern California that inspire her. Explore the west coast with the LW founder.

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, I’ve grown to appreciate how much this city means to me. As the founder and editor-in-chief of Local Wolves, I want to share pieces of my hometown so you can explore new sights when you travel to Long Beach. This is an inside look of who I am behind the publication, especially what surrounds Local Wolves and where the inspiration inherently comes from– where LW is living, breathing and thriving. Home plays such an important part in how I create and this is a great opportunity to share with Issuu’s audience and Local Wolves’ readers.


On the cover, Jenny Welbourn // Featuring: Ashley Lukashevsky, La Bouquet, John Vincent III and loads more.

Here are five places that are dedicated to my own local roots and helped shape what Local Wolves is today.

Fingerprints – Long Beach, CA
Music has always been a huge part of my life. I remember collecting CDs, watching music videos on MTV’s Total Request Live and listening to my favorite radio stations. Fingerprints is the perfect record shop if you’re a music junkie like myself. My first live performance assignment was to photograph the band Fun. It was such an incredible feeling to witness their acoustic set and meet them afterwards, so Fingerprints holds a special place in my heart.

Barnes & Noble – Long Beach, CA
I started to collect magazines when I was in middle school. I created vision boards as a source of motivation and inspiration for the future. During my college years, I drove to Barnes & Noble during my breaks in between classes. You’ll probably find me in the magazine section with a stack of independent publications and a warm soy chai latte in hand. I love discovering new magazines and you never know what you’ll find on the shelves at your local Barnes & Noble.

Steelhead Coffee – Long Beach, CA
But first, coffee? You betcha! Steelhead Coffee is the coffee shop to take your friends from out of town for a nice cup of coffee and good conversations. When I was a full-time student in college, I met so many incredible people at this coffee shop. It has such a chill atmosphere and the locals in the Long Beach knows what’s good at Steelhead.

House of Blues Anaheim – Anaheim, CA
On the weekends, I was such an avid concert-goer and I was assigned photo gigs to photograph at House of Blues Anaheim. This particular concert venue was where I photographed in an actual photo pit, since my previous assigned gigs were taken from the crowd. I loved the thrill of photographing live performances and meeting up with my friends to watch our favorite bands perform.

Inspiration Point – Newport Beach, CA
As a Southern California native, sunset views of the beach and sounds of the waves are so relaxing and peaceful. Inspiration Point is my ‘happy place’ because it brings me joy to witness this beautiful sight of the beach. I highly recommend everyone to check this lookout spot if you’re in Orange County.

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