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Increase Ebook Sales Quickly
April 4, 2019

12 Tips to Increase Ebook Sales

You've got your Ebook finished and you're ready to start selling. But... where do you…
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Evergreen Content
April 1, 2019

What is Evergreen Content?

Marketing Definitions: What is Evergreen Content? You've probably heard the term "Evergreen Content" tossed around…
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Publisher Spotlight
March 30, 2019

Issuu Spotlight: RC Flyer News

Highlighting RC aircraft features, informational reviews, and instructional tutorials, RC Flyer News is the leading…
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PDF to Online Catalog
March 28, 2019

Make a Digital Catalog for Your Business – Digital Catalogue Maker

How to Make an Online Catalog with Issuu - Create Digital Catalog Use Issuu's Free…
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March 25, 2019

Magazine Advertising: Can Beggars Be Choosers?

When it comes to magazine advertising, publishers face the dreaded question: Can I be a…
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EditorialPublisher Spotlight
March 22, 2019

Issuu Spotlight: Mad Sounds Magazine

Mad Sounds is an independent online and print-on-demand publication based out of Los Angeles, California.…
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Publisher Spotlight
March 21, 2019

Building Metropolis

A guest post from March Publisher of the Month, Man of Metropolis. It has been…
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March 18, 2019

Ideas for April 2019 Content Calendars

April 2019 Content Calendars This April, make sure you give your marketing strategy and social…
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BusinessProduct Updates
March 14, 2019

Publishing Flipbook PDF Content with Issuu

Embed Issuu flipbook PDF on you site The easiest way to share your PDF flipbook…
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March 12, 2019

10 Digital Fashion Magazines to Follow in 2019

From celebrity notables to young creatives, the digital fashion magazines of Issuu are filled with…
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