Ask the Editors: What’s On Your Playlist?

By March 31, 2018Editorial

Many Issuu publishers lead exciting and busy lives as editors of their own digital empires. Today, we chatted with four Issuu editors to take a peek at their workflow playlists: the perfect songs for daily commutes, long hours of editing, and getting into your work grind. Read on to see their favorite jams on their current playlist:

Lynzi Judish, Jute Magazine

  • Polonaise Op. 53 – Chopin
  • Toxicity – System of a Down
  • Coma White -Marilyn Manson

I always like to start my day with coffee, a book, CNN and some classical music or really anything with a great piano score. I particularly love Chopin, however, it’s quite difficult to narrow to one song. I think I prefer listening as a body of work, but if I had to pick I would say Polonaise Op. 53. I also love the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack very much and if I’m feeling cheeky perhaps the Amelie soundtrack. Lately while working I’ve been revisiting some old favorites. I love System of a Down. My favorite album is Toxicity, which I can definitely listen to on repeat. Coincidentally my favorite song on the album is also Toxicity. Equal to that for workflow is Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson. My favorite song on that album is Coma White. Now I’m afraid my album selection may have given away my age. When I need a general pick me up I always refer to the classics. Usually that means the Rat Pack. My favorite has to be Night and Day performed by Frank Sinatra because I’ve always had a love for anything Cole Porter.

Christine Lunday, Volition Magazine

  • Bird Set Free – Sia
  • Dream On – Aerosmith

I chose these two tracks because they SCREAM to the artist in me. They speak about life, love and passion, dreams and failures, but most importantly about finding your way again. After surviving the darkness that was 2017, I wanted to cleanse and refocus; reconnect to my inner self and rebuild. These artists possess an energy projected through their lyrics that rattles my existence. Their music wakes pieces inside of me that had gone dormant in dark times. It’s almost an instant cure even for a brief moment to the self doubt, the struggle, the uphill battle of carrying artist’s blood inside my veins. When I feel myself slipping away again, I retreat to my cave and let the music fill the voids. No matter what I’m going through, I know for certain someone else gets it, that I’m not alone. The fact that they sing about the most intimate hardships we face as human beings on this plane is pure inspiration to me. Can’t get anymore real than that.

Rosemarie Alejandrino, FLASH THRIVE

  • About You – G Flip
  • Turn – The Wombats
  • Heart of Glass – Blondie

Whenever there’s something I have to do — whether it’s pack for a trip, make a zine, write an article, or even just drive to Target — I have a hyper-specific playlist for it. A mutual love of music and the desire to soundtrack every moment with a specific song is actually one of the things that brought me and the other gals at FLASH THRIVE together! Our next project — Playlist Diaries, a weekly newsletter that features a hand-crafted, personally curated playlist — is centered around this idea of curating moods and aesthetics through sound.  The first song on my playlist is “About You” by G Flip, an Australian artist with only one song on Spotify so far. It’s anthemic, but the instrumental undertones are tinny, as if the entire song was backed by synthetic drum fills. The hollow instrumental leaves space for you to fill in however you like — whether by screaming the lyrics or simply taking deep breaths to the rhythm of the backbeat. I’ve also been a huge fan of the Wombats since I was a fake indie teen in high school, and “Turn” is my favorite track on their latest album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. It’s a slightly upbeat ballad that really shines when they play it live. And as much as I love shining a light on new music, I always come back to the classics. “Heart of Glass” by Blondie is definitely a FLASH THRIVE favorite, and holds a lot of sentimental value for me. It’s such a fun song that can encapsulate any mood — from bar hopping with friends to sleeping in on Sunday mornings.

Matthew James-Wilson, FORGE. Art Magazine

  • Nothing – Lala Lala
  • Growing Concern – Land of the Loops
  • Blonde in the Bleachers – Joni Mitchell

I just got back to New York after spending about a month working with some friends in Chicago and Los Angeles. Typically every time I go out of town I like to make playlists so that I can soundtrack my new experiences with music that feels fresh to me. I started my trip by visiting my friend Lillie from the band Lala Lala while she was finishing up her new record. I spent a lot of time walking around Pilsen and meeting a bunch of Lillie’s really interesting friends. Once I left I couldn’t stop listening to her last album, Sleepyhead, and particularly the song “Nothing” which is a quick burst of energy and a great song to workout to. Then once I got to LA, a lot of my time was spent driving to the valley to help mail out orders for a record label I work with called Danger Collective. I remember putting on a few songs from the album Bundle of Joy by Land of the Loops while we were stuck in traffic, including one of my favorite songs by them, “Growing Concern.” Then on one of my last days in LA I stayed up really late with my friend Jacob Rubeck playing different music for each other in his living room. We went down a rabbit hole of Joni Mitchell videos on Youtube, and I remember showing him the song “Blonde in the Bleachers” from For The Roses which has been a really inspiring record for me for the past year or so.

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