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By April 13, 2017Product Updates

With more than three million publishers from all over the globe, we are proud to be called home by over 30 million publications spanning magazines on every topic imaginable, hard-hitting newspapers, student publications and a whole lot more. We’ve showcased a few standout voices from the issuu ecosystem in the past with #issuusuccess stories, but today we are excited to share something new for digital publishers everywhere. We are giving you (the publisher) your own space on issuu to find your tribe, get inspired and learn how to better your craft.

Get ready to meet fellow publishers and take your publication to the next level with issuu’s guides and templates. Starting today, you can join issuu’s very own Community Hub. We like to think of it as the #1 space online for the best publishing tips, tricks and inspiration.

You, the Publisher, Are Our Cover Star

Whether you’re new to digital publishing or an expert in the field, we created the Community Hub to provide a space where passion and practicality can meet. In addition to useful issuu resources like our Digital Toolkit and Student Journalism Guide, we’re excited to showcase our publishers, who are the real stars of the show. Read #issuusuccess stories from real-life publishers like Sweet Paul, and get a behind the scenes look at what inspires other publishers in our Publisher Spotlight blog series.


From the Community Hub, you can click to the Help Center for articles explaining how to publish on issuu and to help you troubleshoot any problems. What’s more, you can now use the community knowledge base for crowdsourced tips and tricks from other publishers on issuu. Whether it’s how to photograph the perfect flatlay or how to land your first big advertising deal, another publisher can give you valuable advice based on their own experience.

Making Connections

One thing we’ve learned from talking to our publishers is that there is a desire to meet fellow publishers both online and in real life. Having a face-to-face meeting with a publisher you admire helps build stronger personal relationships. Being able to talk about your publication with someone in the same industry is another way to help you better your craft. Within our publishing community, we want to help you make deeper connections and expand your network.


We’ve had a Generators Camp and meetups in San Francisco and Copenhagen these last few years, and we’re going to take it up a notch to make sure you’re getting access to valuable knowledge and networks. In the Publisher Hub, get ready to see more events both online and offline, panels with industry experts, AMAs with publishers who have been doing this for a while and much, much more.

Send Us Feedback

This community lives on, but we want you to truly make it yours. That’s why any bit of feedback is important to us. Whether it’s something you’d like help learning, an AMA request for someone you really admire or an event that you’d love to attend, let us know! You can comment directly in our new forums and vote up or down ideas from the community that speak to you.

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