Analytics to Track as a Publisher

By June 21, 2018Business, Marketing

Analytics to Track

When it comes to generating revenue, one of the most important things you can back yourself up with is statistics. Getting quantifiable data on how your content is performing helps you better understand where you have the most opportunity to profit, and gives you the leg up on competition.

Whether it’s tracking reads on your content or the strength of your social media game, being able to track and understand your audience’s behaviors lets you market and sell to your audience or advertisers at a higher quality.

Exactly what kind of analytics should you be monitoring? Let’s start with the basics:

Publication Statistics

Issuu’s statistics deep dive into everything you need to know about how your publication is performing, including impressions, reads, read time, link outs and audience insights. On all plans, you can access lifetime statistics for a holistic look at how all your publications have performed over time. For a more granular look into page and publication-level statistics, our Premium plans show you a much wider range –– including which of your publications are most popular, what individual pages are being read most, where your readers come from and what devices they use to read your content.

Social Analytics

On most social media platforms, there are built-in analytics systems to give you basic information about your audience and the performance of your content. This is great start to tracking your follower counts, likes, shares and demographics, all of which are important in helping you tailor your content and attract advertisers.

Beyond the basics, you can get even deeper into what content is performing best on different social platforms by using analytics trackers. Some of our favorites are Union Metrics for Twitter, Iconosquare for Instagram and Facebook, and Tailwind for Pinterest. These platforms let you see exactly what content works and what doesn’t, and provide potential advertisers with more full-bodied insights on who your audience is.

Social Tracking

Beyond analytics tracking, it’s also important to know if, when and how your brand is being talked about. Is your audience talking about you… or your competitor? Tracking tools like Brand24 can assist in understanding the where, when, why and how of communications regarding your brand.

These kinds of trackers have features that allow you to decipher positive from negative messages and compare your conversation with competitors. They also help you find standout followers who are using their influence to promote your brand, so you can learn which influencers are genuinely interested in your content and  collaborate with them.

What do I do with my analytics?

Once you’ve got your analytics tracking, you’re on the path to growth and expansion of your brand. Start with creating a media kit to wow your advertisers with all necessary information in one place, and learn about monetizing with ad sales to take your brand to the next level.

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