All Companies Could Be a Bit More Happiful

By January 22, 2019Publisher Spotlight

All companies could be a bit more Happiful

A guest post from January Publisher of the Month, Happiful Magazine.

At Happiful, our mission is to create a healthier, happier and more sustainable society and to challenge the stigma around mental health. And, we’re sticklers for practising what we publish.

We strongly believe that a happy business is grown from a happy team and, in order to achieve that, there are a few key things we prioritise as a business.

So, what does it mean to be more ‘Happiful’?

To embrace some of the essence of Happiful (for yourself or for your business), here are some of our core values:

Happiness stems from passion – so, be passionate.

We spend most of our waking lives at work – it’s a big part of who we are as individuals. So it’s important that however we choose to earn a living, we’re enjoying what we do.

That’s exactly how Happiful Magazine was born – from the passion of two sisters, Emma and Aimi. They wanted to help people looking for local support for their mental health and wellbeing. So, they founded Counselling Directory. Since then, we have grown to four more wellness directories: life coaching, hypnotherapy, nutrition and complementary therapies. Happiful Magazine was the next step in our mission in sharing the knowledge that help and support can always be found when you need it.

We’re dedicated to sharing the stories, experiences and support available for the whole of our society and our values are at the core of everything we write and do; everyone that works for the brand acts as an ambassador. If we’re not passionate about our work, neither will our readers be.

Publisher of the Month

Aimi Maunders and Emma White Happiful founders

Make mental health a priority for the right reasons.

Workplace wellness is a critical aspect of a successful business, due to the cost implications related to employee illness and stress. In fact, according to the 2017 Health and Safety Executive report, “37% of all work-related sickness is due to stress, including anxiety and depression; costing UK employers an estimated £3.7 billion a year in absenteeism.”

So, ensuring a high level of wellbeing is an incredibly important aspect of staff productivity – one to never be underestimated. But, true workplace wellbeing is about more than efficiency or reducing sick days – for us, it’s about incorporating mental health into our conversations with colleagues every day.

At Happiful, we have an open culture where we encourage every member of our team to talk openly about their mental wellbeing and feel comfortable doing so. We’ve signed the Time To Change Employer Pledge to demonstrate our commitment to change how we think and act about mental health in the workplace and make sure that our employees who are facing these problems feel supported.

We’ve also invested in Mental Health First Aider training for our staff and have our own team of Wellness Ambassadors, working on initiatives such as morning meditation sessions and inclusive social activities – to ensure that everyone has a chance to de-stress during the working week.

Publisher of the Month

Happiful team enjoying some team building at a water park

Give a little – get a lot.

Happiful was born from people wanting to help others and from strong family values. We want to embody our mission within our own office, by offering all our employees – should they need it – the opportunity to access private therapies and business healthcare insurance.

We treat each other (and our readers) with the same values as we’d treat our family with. So, integrity is paramount to us, as is ensuring the mental and physical health of our staff is as well as can be. We get the best from each other that way – and this helps us to produce the highest quality content.

Publisher of the Month

Happiful team volunteering day helping at a community landshare

Have a positive influence on the world around you.

We want to minimise our impact on the environment. That’s why we have our eco-pledge.

We’ve also worked with ClimateCare to offset our carbon footprint. And, for every tree used to print Happiful Magazine, we will make sure that two are planted in its place.

But it’s not just the environmental impact of the business that counts – we can look a little closer to home than that. In January 2018 we partnered with a local community project (CMPP), in order to help support projects in our local community. To celebrate our partnership, we offer volunteering opportunities for all our staff – a chance to get out and make a difference in the local community.

The Happiful team celebrating after a day of volunteering in the local community

It’s these small (but significant) things that make Happiful what it is – and they’re what makes Happiful a happy place to work.

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