5 Places to Travel This Summer

By June 8, 2018Editorial

Pack your bags! It’s time to go on summer vacation. The world is your oyster. Sometimes the urge to get away is so strong, you don’t even want the hassle of deciding where to go. Whether you want to lie down on a beach somewhere or you’re itching for a no-holds-barred adventure, our publishers have got you covered! Check out these five publications for five amazing places to travel to this summer!


Get to know the flourishing wildlife in Botswana’s Okavango delta. Conservation is a priority here – so come with a curious eye and a soft touch. Survey the land while you float in one of the Chobe River Safari’s houseboats or experience tranquility in one of Botswana’s luxurious lodges. If you’re lucky, you may be able to catch a helicopter ride and fly over Victoria Falls or bungee jump!

Burgundy, France 

France’s wine country is like a summer dream. Surround yourself in the vineyards of Beanue,  where some of the world’s most exquisite wine is created. The hills of Burgundy are small enough to make you feel comfortable and yet still provide that expansive quality that is essential to a summer getaway.


Looking for a wholesome summer experience? Austria’s quaint landscape is sure to deliver. Embark on one of Austria’s idyllic hiking trails to find an enchanting display of wildflowers and vast verdant hills. When you’re done and worn out, return to town for a buffet of hearty food.

Big Sur 

Prepare to drop jaws —  Big Sur is an incredible natural beauty and just the thing for anyone in need of some awe! Listen to crashing waves while you dine from above at the iconic Nepenthe Restaurant – a safe haven nestle into the cliffs. And there’s nothing like driving along California’s coast to inspire.


Portugal is where adventure and relaxation converge. Endeavor to climb Mount Pico, the highest in the country, or relax by coast and watch some of Europe’s best sunsets. Portugal is great for a fancy French experience on a budget. Indulge in Portugal’s coffee —  they’re serious about their brew! — and wine.

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