5 Instagram Tips for Publishers

Instagram Tips

After creating and distributing your publication, it’s time to grow your audience and make sure you keep those eyeballs with every new issue. Engaging via social media will have them licking their chops for more. A single Instagram post can mean the difference between a few hundred and a few thousand publication views. Here are 5 tips to follow so you can #slayitonsocial.

Find Your Voice

Whether professional and businesslike or casual with emojis, find your social media voice and stick with it. Instagram tends to be on the more fun, conversational side of social media, so we recommend keeping it light and natural. Of course, that decision comes down to the brand you’re trying to convey — the most important thing is that your readers can hear your voice in every post. Trying to be someone you’re not is guaranteed to drive readers away.

Cater to Your Target Audience

Study reader stats — which you can find on Issuu — to identify where your audience is, who they are demographically and what interests them. This helps you target that audience on Instagram. For example, if the majority of your readers live in Britain, you can schedule posts to go out when Brits are most active. If you learn the majority of your readers are age 18 to 25, you can talk in a way that appeals to them (i.e. lots of emojis or memes).

Use Tags and Hashtags

Does one of your followers have millions of Instagram followers? Tag them! Have an article about a celebrity? Tag them! Identifying online influencers — especially in the Instagram sphere —  and making sure they see and share your content is key to growing your followers. Even more, you should come up with a unique hashtag (that can be as simple as the name of your publication) and make sure readers see it, know what it stands for and can use it to follow the conversation about your publication.

Tease Your Publication

Don’t wait until you publish — start hyping your content up on Instagram as soon as possible. Share tidbits from production, sneak peeks of your final pages and use whatever else you can to create excitement leading up to your publication’s release. If these types of sneak peeks are off brand with the rest of your Instagram grid, they’re still the perfect shots or videos to share on your Instagram story!

Interact With Readers

Make readers feel as important as they are. Your publication can’t be successful without a devoted audience, so make sure they know they are appreciated. Like posts you’re tagged in, re-post from followers that use your hashtag on Instagram and try to reply to every comment, even if it’s just with a smiley face or “like”.

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  • Scarlet says:

    I think using hashtags is really important. I know I personally will search hashtags and like my favorite pics and follow the people with the best pics. I try to use about 4-8 so as to be natural and not overdue it. My blog instagram profile used to grow very naturally and fast but for some reason it seems to have leveled off and growth has slowed over the last six months. I wonder if it is an algorithm change. I am just keeping true to my voice as you suggested and plugging along.

  • […] to overcome, but the biggest ones were right at the beginning: finding content seemed impossible, growing on social media was a whole new thing I had to learn, and putting together an actual print issue was again […]

  • usman says:

    Thanks for sharing such useful information. All the points you mentioned in the above post are very important. I will try to follow up these points and i do hope i will get good results. Thanks again!

  • Herman Kamps says:

    Thank you for the useful tips! However I’m not a big fan of tagging other people in my post. It can be annoying and besides that most people delete the tags right away.

  • lilita says:

    This article made me aware of what I have done wrong so far. Cool tips that, despite appearances, are not difficult to implement. And the effects are immediately visible!

  • Marrisma says:

    Tips explained above looks good. Finding the right target audience is the key in Instagram. Audience will only engage with your post only when they like your content and idea.

  • sumon says:

    However I’m not a big fan of tagging other people in my post. It can be annoying and besides that most people delete the tags right away.

  • ADRIANA says:

    I’m trying to be an advertising designer but I think I’m not catching my audience… I think this post will help me too much with the users of social networks.

  • JasaDomino says:

    Tips looks good, i have read this article and have give good inspiration.

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    good post and lovely

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