4 Creative Ways to Share Your Publication

By March 5, 2018Marketing

You’ve completed the amazing feat of creating a beautiful publication…now what? For a strong impact, you need to get eyes on those pages, which is why finding the right ways to share your content is crucial. Check out these four easy and creative ways to share your Issuu publications with the world!


Make a GIF

Grab your audience’s attention with a bright, popping graphic that shows off your work the way it deserves to be shown. Turn your publication into a GIF with our quick and easy GIF maker. Just go to your Publication List, click on Share underneath the desired publication, then click Share as GIF. You can customize the background color, choose which spreads are included and download the GIF.


Creative Swag

Get people to remember your publication not only for its quality and content, but also for your overall brand. Project your voice with creative swag and allow new people to experience your brand, like Got a Girl Crush did with their Girl Crush the Patriarchy pins. Little tokens beyond business cards go a long way and stay in readers’ minds.

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Embed Your Magazine

Make your publication super accessible and easy to find with embeds. Embed your publications on your website or blog to add that extra personal touch when drawing viewers to flip through your publication. You can even customize your embed to match your color scheme and branding so your  readers associate your beautiful content with your brand.

Create a Video

Create a video about your publication to connect with your audience in a new and personal way. Spotlight what goes on behind the scenes at your business and show viewers what your brand has to offer. Share peeks of pages to entice viewers to read the full publication, and show them exactly where to do so.

What creative ways do you share your publication? Drop them in the comments section!

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